July 31, 2020

Reflections on Success in Cannabis Edibles

Genifer Murray sits down with John Garrison, Co-Founder of Mountain High Suckers to discuss their journey in the Colorado edible market.

Regardless of what segment of the cannabis industry, achieving success comes with a myriad of roadblocks, challenges, and hurdles. John Garrison, CEO & Co-Founder of Mountain High Suckers knows just how much of a struggle that journey can be. Although all industries have their nuances, the cannabis industry can be especially difficult to navigate. From maintaining solid partnerships to adhering to quality standards and the muddy waters of cannabis compliance, Garrison knows a thing or two about the complexities of achieving success in a volatile industry. 

In this episode of Cultivate, Genifer Murray discusses the lessons learned on the road to the top with Garrison. As one of the first (and most successful) edible companies in Colorado, and the first to include CBD, he shares a wealth of experience, valuable advice, and even tales of sleeping with a sword to guard their grow after a break-in! 

Mountain High Suckers is crossing industry barriers, inviting musicians, comedians, and more expand their product line, as well as taking on the new Hemp CBD Market with their new line of Mountain High Select CBD suckers - a broad spectrum, high quality edible that is shippable to all 50 states! 

Although Garrison admits, after a decade in the industry, he is ready to look for an exit plan, Mountain High Suckers is expanding into other cannabis states and even eyeing the global cannabis market.

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