June 22, 2020

Cannabis Trade Shows Get Tech Upgrade

Genifer Murray invites George Jage of MJ Unpacked to share the future of cannabis trade shows.

In this episode of Cultivate, Genifer Murray speaks with George Jage, CEO and co-founder of Jage Media and business media rockstar, about the future of cannabis conferences and expos through online platforms. With experience building up industry meetings such as MJBizCon, Jage has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to make business expos successful.

With the outbreak of a pandemic, Jage recognized that trade shows might have a different future in a world where social functions are moving away from casinos, grand halls, and convention centers. With just six weeks to make the shift, Jage took swift action to keep trade shows relevant in the coming years. By launching a virtual platform that takes cannabis conferences to the next level.

Virtual events are not just for precaution during a pandemic but also to reduce the environmental impact of these massive events. Jage stated that “90% of the carbon footprint for these events is people traveling to the event,” which is eliminated by a virtual platform. Additionally, he stated that last year 60 million attendees went to business conferences and produced 20 pounds of trash per person per event. The MJ Unpacked virtual event provides a personal, engaging experience without the environmental detriments and at a fraction of the cost.

Watch the podcast to learn more about how conferences are adapting and evolving to fit into this new paradigm. In partnership with BDSA, the MJ Unpacked California Market event is scheduled for July 14-16th.

Join us at @MJUnpackedSummit - California, a 3D virtual event, July 14- July 16. MJ Unpacked is exclusively for industry brand and retail executives and will reveal state-specific actionable intel, cover hot topics, and offer show specials. Come visit us in the Exhibitor Hall! Register here: https://www.mjunpacked.com