September 22, 2017

SCALE: Growing the Hemp Industry

Growing the Hemp Industry - Developing technologies and infrastructure to be competitive.



  • Robert Sager 2017-10-02
    I'm not a technical Giant or wizard with any of the Sciences that you describe. I've had some experience growing and I see the industry that you're trying to grow as stewardship to the planet. When I first read about this webinar and Facebook and reviewed this site corporate takeover came into my mind. But the size of your illustration, a compact area to grow in I'm support in The Sciences from an organization like yours and this could conceivably be a mom-and-pop industry that could spread even into the cities and everywhere. The Farmers Market marijuana suppliers at a Grassroots level with your science behind it seems conceivable to me. I've long been concerned that the state that I live in Illinois State I come from Iowa we're two of the major Industrial Hemp producers in World War II. The growth industry that could arise out of that as I said Grassroots level mom and pop Farms in the basement. I'm going to try and participate in the webinar but I have grandkids and sometimes things get interrupted. When I think of industrial hemp and the reintroduction of it to American society I see major potential unless it gets swallowed up by the corporations which in this world is highly likely. Thank you
      • Bruce Ryan 2017-10-05
        Profile is complete. I do not see a link to join the webinar.
  • Josh Turner 2017-10-05
    I'm looking forward to this webinar. I have been cultivating cannabis for almost two decades, own a seed company, a small scale hemp research farm, and have several patent pending products. I have a MSc in Biology and BSc in both Chemistry and Biology. I'm new to the community and am looking forward to meeting and networking with others like myself who have a love for farming cannabis.