July 01, 2018

How to Create A Culture of Compliance

Learn how to create a culture of compliance for your organization by joining us for this LIVE Q&A session on Oct 3rd @ 11:00 am Mountain.

Our host Ellis Smith and special guest Jennifer Germano, CEO of ICS Consulting Service will discuss why, more than ever, it is important to lean into your processes, policies and structure in your business. 

Bring your questions - we have answers!


Guest: Jennifer Germano, CEO of ICS Consulting Service 

In 2015 Jennifer founded ICS Consulting Service and transitioned from being an employee in the industry to an owner of a compliance support focused consulting business. ICS specializes in compliance-based services, such as third-party auditing for licensed facilities, employee compliance training, SOP development, facility build-outs, human resource and OSHA compliance, and assisting in opening new dispensaries. Jennifer is currently working with clients in Colorado, Maryland and Michigan markets.