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How To Boost Hemp Production Using Multispectral Imagery

Join this live webcast to learn how you can capture data that is critical to producing high-quality crops.

Why folks should attend:

  • *  Learn about modern, specialty precision agriculture tailored to your needs to improve crop quality and yields.
  • *  Learn to ask the right questions to make a decision on whether to buy your own drones and equipment or hire a pilot.
  • *  Learn about the specialized needs of your crop and how to fulfill these needs with appropriate remote sensing equipment and analysis tools for outdoor hemp operations.

Guest: Drew Baustian, Business Development Manager at MicaSense

With previous commercial experiences in the Ag industry and a BS in Agricultural Science from Cornell University, Drew leads the company expansion to new markets through the development of an international reseller network to promote the sales of the RedEdge-MX and Altum Multispectral Cameras and other products from MicaSense.

Guest: Dan Staley, Principal at Arbor Drone

Dan is Principal of Arbor Drone, a green infrastructure and remote sensing company specializing in woody plants. A licensed remote pilot, he studied Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry at the University of California, Davis; and urban planning at the University of Washington, including a year of urban ecology under a National Science Foundation grant. His published work on urban green infrastructure and urban forestry has appeared in scholarly journals, proceedings, symposia, policy papers and trade magazines in several industries.