May 02, 2019

Beyond What The Eye Sees

How to save harvests, money, and maximize yield with spectral imaging for cannabis.


What are your plants telling you?  The ability to see if your plants are healthy through all phases of growth is key.  From clone to flowering plant, having the ability to monitor at your fingertips provides peace of mind and allows your expert staff to focus on other critical tasks. Join this webcast to learn how spectral imaging can help decrease labor costs, create consistency of product and increase yield and top line revenue.





Rob McCorkle is a Co-Founder of Emerald Metrics and is the COO.  He was born and raised in Oregon and is married with 4 kids.  Rob is a retired Lieutenant Commander from a large police department in Nevada and has used Spectral Imaging in various law enforcement capacities for over 20 years.  Rob holds a BS in Criminology and a Masters Degree in Public Administration.  Since 2012, Rob has been a partner in a 10,000 sq. ft., Tier II indoor grow operation in Portland, OR.  His experience in growing and managing a large scale cannabis operation has proven invaluable in developing the CannaIntelligence technology and designing ways that it can assist growers, operations and investors to recognize threats and address issues within their various grow operation, at all stages.  Rob has worked and consulted with a large number of indoor, greenhouse and outdoor cannabis and hemp operations since 2012 and has a thorough understanding of the issues facing growers in this new and burgeoning industry.