January 20, 2019

Cannabis Germplasm 101: Panel Discussion

How can we overcome the lack of accessible germplasm resources and begin proper plant breeding programs in cannabis?

An unsolved problem in the cannabis industry is the lack of significant germplasm repositories with good databases to support plant breeding. This panel discussion addresses this issue and provides insight into the current germplasm marketplace.

Guest Panelist: Dr. Mitch Day, Scientist and Entrepreneur

Mitch is a subject matter expert on micropropagation and analysis of genetic information. Micropropagation offers two major benefits to cultivators: disease-free cloning and economical large-scale storage of cultivars for breeding programs.

Guest Panelist: Dylan Wilks, Founder & CTO of Orange Photonics

Spectroscopy, entrepreneurship, and invention are a family legacy for Dylan. His grandfather is the “Father of Infrared Technology” and one of the industry founders in the 1940’s. Dylan has led optics projects serving NASA’s Mars Rover as well as air and ground-based imaging systems, specialized lighting (lasers, fiber illuminators, etc) and within the infrared spectroscopy disciplines. Dylan has also worked extensively within the petroleum industry and chaired an ASTM method.

Guest Panelist: Andrew Maxwell Phineas Jones, Assistant Professor, Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation