January 06, 2022

New AI Software Solution for Compliant Cannabis Content

AI-solution helps cannabis businesses navigate the waters of marketing compliance - an interview with Courtney Wu, CEO of AMNESIA Media.

Courtney Wu knows a thing or two about marketing compliance in regulated markets. She was the former CMO for the PokerStars Global Pro & Celebrity division a decade ago. Now, as CEO of AMNESIA, a cannabis-centric influencer marketing platform, she and her business partner, CPO Raymond Ting, have launched a technical tool to simplify compliant content marketing for cannabis businesses.

Federal regulations keep most traditional media outlets from engaging in paid advertising solutions for the cannabis industry. Yet, social media platforms continue to lockout and shadow-ban cannabis profiles. Learning to avoid these triggers can be frustrating for content creators as the target is always moving.

We asked Courtney to join us as we chat about cannabis marketing, compliance, and avoiding social media shutdowns.

In a recent press release, Pioneer Intelligence founder Ben Walters noted that Instagram account suspensions and removals have increased over 100% from November 2020-November 2021.

“Cannabis companies are unwittingly playing Russian Roulette with every piece of content they post, risking not only their ability to communicate with their followers but their credibility,” Courtney stated.

However, new to AMNESIA Media this year, the firm has launched an online tool to ease the burden on cannabis businesses and marketers. Highlyte, is an AI-based utility that evaluates your social media posts, blogs, and web content for potential hazards.

As Courtney mentions during the podcast, “Compliance is never going to go away.” In fact, as federal legalization progresses, expect regulators to “grow teeth” as infractions and violations become more enforceable.

Watch or listen to the podcast to learn more about why marketers need to embrace compliance: and then sign up for your "Freeium” Instagram analysis through AMNESIA's website to look for compliance issues with your account.