March 15, 2022

Navigating the Supply Chain Crisis

A system already crippled by a global pandemic, prepares for another sucker punch as the Russian War on Ukraine escalates.

Without a doubt, the last couple of years was dominated with headlines regarding the widespread problems engulfing the supply chain across the world. The pandemic caused a significant setback to a once well-oiled machine. No industry has been left untouched.

However, as we moved into 2022, hoping for a brighter year, the supply chain takes additional hits from the impact of the Chinese Lunar New Year and, now, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We asked Alen Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of, to share his insights regarding the industry's current state and how these circumstances can impact the cannabis industry.

How Did We Get Here?

Describing his own career path into the cannabis industry, thanks to his determined and persistent cousin, Nguyen admits he was hesitant at first. Transitioning from an engineering background and aerospace projects, Nguyen and his cousin Long launched MainStem in 2014 to address the large cannabis industry supply chain gaps.

Well-versed in the variables affecting the supply chain, Nguyen explains where the problems are initiating, what products have the most significant issues, and what entrepreneurs can do to minimize the impact on their businesses.

Systems Make Processes Easier

Nguyen and his team developed the MainStem integrated purchasing platform specifically to help bridge the gap in the cannabis market. Nguyen explains how systems help break down complex business tasks and analyze strategic data to provide the best possible solutions.

He also goes on to explain how timing is everything. Now, at the early stages of market development, is the time to implement systems and start solving problems from ground zero.

Will It Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

Finally, we asked Nguyen to peer into the future and give his best perspectives on how long the supply chain problem will continue to be the bottleneck for producers in the United States. Additionally, we discuss whether or not this debacle will be the hand that pushes for innovation and rejuvenation for American manufacturing - Nguyen believes all the markers are there.

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