March 18, 2022

How to Make Wood from Hemp: An Amazing Carbon-Zero Magic Trick

Greg Wilson with HempWood shares the secrets to creating one of the world's strongest, most eco-friendly building materials.

An oak tree typically takes between 30-40 years to mature before being harvested for household items like furniture, cabinets, and flooring. But, in this podcast, Greg Wilson proudly emphasizes HempWood’s 120-day, seed-to-finished-product timeline.

However, being a pioneer in any industry comes with challenges. Wilson discusses the early-mover disadvantages in the world of hemp. From legal troubles because of the discrepancies between federal and state laws to theft (Who gets their truck stolen twice in 4 days? – Watch the video to hear this unbelievable story!), topped off with tragic losses from COVID, Wilson is clearly a beacon of perseverance and passion.

HempWood Gets Hollywood Support

Christina Haack, HGTV Star from Christina on the Coast, recently purchased a vacation home in Tennessee and contacted HempWood to install the flooring in the classic family farmhouse. As Greg tells the story, after an afternoon of “day-drinkin’ and tacos,” the synergy was clear, and a partnership was formed.

Wilson discusses numerous ways traditional building materials have introduced toxic chemicals into our homes. As consumers become more conscientious of what they put in their bodies, they also want to reduce their exposure to these toxins in their homes. Wilson believes that as more people like Christina move from the West Coast into other regions, they’ll bring this awareness with them.

The overall goal is to reduce our dependency on petrol-based products and increase awareness of affordable, viable alternatives such as hemp.

A Role Model for Business

Greg understands that doing the right thing isn't always the easiest or the cheapest way in business. But in a young industry like hemp, entrepreneurs have the luxury of a clean slate to build in better policies.

HempWood, based in Kentucky, is a carbon-zero facility and a near zero-waste operation. Wilson stated during this interview that they have one dumpster that gets emptied "about once every five weeks."

Additionally, Wilson proudly states that their employees are paid a living wage, and everyone that works for them can afford their home, car, and the basics of life with one job.

Take a Look Behind the Scenes

HempWood can be used for numerous items such as guitars, skateboard decks, baseball bats, and even golf putters. Greg takes us on a brief tour of the facility to show how the hemp is processed and formed into boards. As a hardwood, the final product is a beautiful alternative for decorative woods, such as Oak, Walnut, or Brazilian Cherry.

Meet Kristina, Tony, and Greg, see all the products, and learn more about HempWood at NoCo Hemp Expo at the Gaylord Rockies in Denver next weekend, March 23-26th.