June 21, 2021

Fighting Fires: Help for West Coast Cannabis Farmers

When an industry is taxed the most and helped the least, it takes a community to help when disaster strikes.

Well-known cannabis expert is donating $500,000 to cannabis farmers who were devastated by the 2020 wildfires. Giving back to those from which he has built his success is not only good business but also an excellent overall philosophy.

“BigMike” Straumietis is the co-founder and CEO of industry giant Advanced Nutrients and cannabis tycoon. Combining decades of expertise in horticulture and marketing with an unrelenting passion for growing cannabis, he built an empire. At the heart of it, all is an activist with a willingness to step forward, offering help when other resources fail to be of service.

In Cannabis, Community is the foundation of it all

Humanity Heroes was started back in 2014 when “BigMike” decided to reach out and assist the “Skid Row” homeless community—providing much-needed daily essentials in the form of a backpack filled with items like soap, deodorant, and toothbrushes, things most of us take for granted. This has expanded into many other humanitarian efforts, including the victims of last year’s wildfires.

Cannabis can’t turn to their insurance company or the government for help

When natural disaster strikes, the community at large expects to soon see the troops rolling in to help out. Whether it is the Red Cross, FEMA, leagues of insurance companies, or the many other groups that come running when there is a flood, tornado, or fire, their presence is usually inevitable. But not for cannabis.

Still illegal on a federal level, cannabis businesses are left standing in the rubble when the worst happens, and a business is destroyed. While the industry is growing at a pace never seen before, and states are independently legalizing to one degree or another, it's nothing but crickets when it comes to federal aid.

Growing more than great bud

“BigMike” and Advanced Nutrients grow hope within the community, setting an example for other leaders in business and reaching out to those in need. Offering relief to the victims of last year’s wildfires on the West Coast is only the latest in their philanthropic efforts. Hundreds of grows were burned last season, and with ongoing climate change and the 2021 fire season nipping at our heels, things are shaping up to be quite tense. Unfortunately, the devastation we saw on the news didn’t discuss what West Coast cannabis growers were experiencing.

A pillar in the community itself, Straumietis has added these growers to the list for Humanity Heroes efforts. Distributing both funds and Advanced Nutrients products to the grows affected by wildfire and strengthening bonds within the industry.

Watch the podcast to hear more about the humanitarian efforts of “BigMike” Straumietis and Advanced Nutrients, or to find out how to apply for help if you are a victim of the West Coast Wildfires of 2020.