December 17, 2021

Beyond Cannabinoids: Promising New Cannabis Compounds Discovered

Juva-019 and Juva-042, non-cannabinoid compounds discovered by the researchers at Juva Life, prove the medical benefit of cannabis goes beyond cannabinoids.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of dozens of diseases and conditions. However, modern medicine and pharmaceuticals aren’t always the best solutions. In 2020, drug overdoses reached an all-time high of 93,000 deaths. All across the world, researchers are looking for alternatives to NSAIDs and deadly opioid-based medicines.

With fingers in almost every aspect of the legal cannabis industry, Doug Chloupek has a long, extensive history in the world of cannabis. Today, as the CEO and Founder of Juva Life, Chloupek, and his team of researchers, have discovered new, non-cannabinoid compounds in cannabis that may provide a significant breakthrough in inflammation control.

Cannabis Tech reached out to Chloupek to talk about the discoveries and their patient research registry that works to collect qualified data from the patients directly.

Bridging the Gap between Eastern Philosophy and Western Medicine

Chloupek started this mission by bringing together non-cannabis industry professionals, leading clinicians in their field, to take the mysteries of cannabis and come up with a formula for therapeutic benefits. However, as the research unfolded, this highly regarded team of researchers found some amazing discoveries.

Researching why the Entourage Effect enhances the effects of the various compounds, the researchers found Juva-019 and Juva-042. Now the team is working to move these two compounds through the drug development pathway.

Inflammation is the root of most diseases impacting people today, and controlling inflammation is a 95-billion-dollar industry.

  • Juva-019 – regulates two of the inflammation pathways in the human body
  • Juva-042 – regulates eight of the inflammation pathways in the human body

Patient Registry Allows for Better Research

The Juva Research team collects quantitative data to create a baseline for best-in-class products. At the conclusion of the research, they plan to take a formulated product back into the research registry for the same conditions for a like-by-like comparison for the efficacy of the new molecules.

Chloupek says that the goal isn't to get products to final end-consumer approval with the FDA but to prove the human safety profile and act as an accelerator for larger pharmaceutical entities to take the compounds to full commercial use. Specifically, they are looking for safety, toxicology, and efficacy data.

Juva has created an entirely new pathway to get to the same end goal – cheaper and faster than pharmaceutical compound research.

Watch or listen to the full interview to learn how Chloupek and Juva Life are working to move the therapeutic possibilities of cannabis to make the shift from post-disease treatment to pre-disease prevention.