March 18, 2021

A Podcast with Dr. Daniel Hayden Ph.D. - Inventor of HTFSE Cannabis Extractions

Dr. Daniel Hayden discusses the differences between cured resins and live resins, as well as the benefits of co-solvent extraction.

Dr. Hayden is a Ph.D. Plant Molecular Physiologist, the CESO of Trihex Brands, Founder of Extractioneering and Innovator of Cosolvent Extractions. His career has allowed him to practice lab-based biology since his start in 1994, leading him to the creation of High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts with his proprietary method of cosolvent technology.

True HTFSE is Cured

In the early days, working in the lab with difficult tropical plants, Dr. Hayden found it necessary to go back decades in research to learn the intricacies of isolating and extracting nucleic acids. This in-depth research provided the foundation for his intimate understanding of nature's building blocks, DNA and RNA modification enzymes, to which he then applied chemistry to facilitate analysis processes. Focusing on combining biology and chemistry and using both technology and scientific techniques to obtain ultra-pure biomolecules has translated directly into Dr. Hayden's work with cannabis extracts.

Around ten years ago, his early attempts at achieving quality extracts were frustrating. Going back to his PPh.D.days, Dr. Hayden then found himself applying what he had learned throughout his studies to optimizing his developing cosolvent technology. Beginning with a properly cured resin, following extremely meticulous processes using carbon dioxide and later butane, following refinement, resulted in his invention of cosolvent technology and production of HTFSE.


Dr. Hayden says a "lifetime of involvement with cannabis and having those views be under siege continuously by outside forces" resulted in a "eureka moment" between him and his talented wife. His brilliance in the lab and dedication to education, combined with her marketing and IT savvy, have helped build a dedicated team, passionate and enthusiastic about developing new standards of quality for products. Extractioneeiring is born with a vision of involvement from both farmers and patients.

"Understanding where it (HTFSE) comes from, all the identity of it, then we can have reliable experiences that they (patients) can give us feedback in reverse." Dr. Hayden explains, "trying to really reconnect ideas about how people are using cannabis, and then get the farmers to make certain strains for that."

He hopes to consolidate the spirit of what people are trying to do in cultivating cannabis and making those specific cannabinoid expressions and ratios through breeding and execution.

Why Care about Curing?

We know that tomatoes that are allowed to ripen on the plant are much tastier and more nutritious than those picked and matured in the windowsill. Naturally, the same applies to cannabis. The quality of the compounds inside a cured flower extract versus the live resin will also be a more developed and mature, healthier product.

Dr. Hayden understands that all plants must Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to their individual benefit. Even in these simplified terms, it is a critical plant biology process, "That we cannot go without" if "we are seeking the highest quality and beneficial product." He also acknowledges the difficulty of extracting these resins from a cured state, but when done correctly, results in a product in which the purity is unparalleled.

What's Next

Dr. Hayden and his dedicated and enthusiastic team of cannabis professionals push forward on their quest for expanded education and production of what may be some of the purest extractions available on the market. He expresses hope to see more collective bargaining occur within the cannabis industry. "We need to come together and make a statement on cannabis as a health and wellness product."

Tune in to the podcast to hear Dr. Daniel Hayden, Ph.D., as he discusses developing HTFSE and the Cosolvent Technology required for the extraction, get his perspective on cured resins, and learn why he feels "collective bargaining" is essential for both business and consumers.