Testing & Analysis - Page 2

by   |   October 12, 2020

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Potency, Profile, and Fingerprinting

NMR promises a cheaper, more accurate, and faster method to profile cannabis.

by   |   October 05, 2020

Cannabis Fingerprinting

The Ongoing Battle for a Truly Consistent, Compliant Product

by   |   October 01, 2020

Testing Helps Every Step: A Conversation with Jeffrey Raber

Join Jeffrey Raber and Genifer Murray for a discussion about testing standardization, vape formulations, and the rise of Delta-8 THC.

by   |   September 14, 2020

Tracking Down Toxicity

After finding contamination in pre-rolls, SC Labs sounds the alarm for cannabis producers.

by   |   August 26, 2020

CBD Marketplace Plagued by Labeling Inaccuracies, Still

In an industry where consistency and accuracy should be encouraged, inaccuracies continue to be a problem.

by   |   August 13, 2020

New Federal Initiative Promises Better Quality Control in Cannabis Testing

Achieving consistent, quality products means testing in a consistent manner. Consistency starts with regulation.

by   |   August 03, 2020

CannaQAP Heralds in Progress on Federal Standards for Testing Cannabis and Hemp

Testing standards are the first step in federal regulation and legalization.

by   |   July 15, 2020

Could Handheld Spectrometry Be the Future of Cannabis Cultivar Categorization?

Advanced technology innovations are providing new solutions to old problems.

by   |   June 03, 2020

Testing Equipment: Lab Tech in Cannabis Testing

Providing valid information about cannabis requires a very specific set of tools.

by   |   May 01, 2020

Cannabis Testing Solutions Ease Burden

Despite the pandemic, as an essential industry, the show must go on. These cannabis and hemp testing solutions help reduce problems in an already troubled environment.

by   |   March 16, 2020

Sifting For Heavy Metals In Colorado Cannabis

A Tech Moment with AgriScience Labs

by   |   February 10, 2020

Unique Vape Buy-Back Program Provides Powerful Insights

Test results are in... nearly 80% of illicit vape cartridges deemed unfit for consumption.

by   |   February 06, 2020

Cannabis Analysis and Advanced Lab Equipment

A glance at the advanced lab equipment necessary for proper cannabis analysis.

by   |   January 21, 2020

Quality Control in Cannabis and Hemp

From farm to lab to finished product, quality control is essential for consistent, clean cannabis products.

by   |   December 20, 2019

Portable Cannabis Testing Shines Light On Murky Practices

Since the legalization of cannabis, the accuracy of testing results has been under dispute. Now, there's a solution.

by   |   December 11, 2019

Ethics Over Profits: Honest Lab Tests

In a currently unregulated world of CBD, many companies are cashing in… but at whose expense?

by   |   November 26, 2019

THC Detection that Goes Beyond Law Enforcement

While the media tends to focus on THC detection technology in law enforcement initiatives, one team of researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas understands the scope is much larger.

by   |   November 25, 2019

Acing the CoA: Remediation for Contaminated Crops

All hope may not be lost. New remediation technologies may prevent loss from contamination.

by   |   November 06, 2019

How DetectaChem can Help Differentiate Between Cannabis and Hemp

Due to conflicts on the state and federal level regarding the legality of cannabis, there is a grey area around the possession of these substances.

by   |   August 21, 2019

The Importance of Standards, Regulations, and COAs

By now, it’s not news that the cannabis industry operates without any national or global regulatory oversight. The lack of industry-wide standards or protocols has led to the development of a patchy network of similar, yet unperfected, regulated markets. It's an unstable framework which has led to a frustrating and repeating pattern of scandals, many of which are entirely avoidable.