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by   |   3 days ago

Ongoing Clinical Trials for Cannabis Medicinal Potential

Uncovering the mysteries deep within its leaves, clinical trials with cannabis are putting science behind the claims.

by   |   September 15, 2021

THC Isomer Found in Fiber Hemp

Could the discovery of THC in fiber hemp create controversy within the industry?

by   |   July 14, 2021

The Environmental Potential in Hemp

With the United States rejoining the Paris Climate accords, could industrial hemp hold the key to economic and environmental recovery?

by   |   June 26, 2021

300 Million Dollar Cannabis Research Facility Planned for New Mexico

Automated, autonomous, and dedicated to medical cannabis research—that's the plan for a monster facility currently under construction outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

by   |   June 16, 2021

Partners in Cannabis Research

Consumer research is finally gaining momentum. In this podcast, we talk with Dr. Jeff Chen & Angie Tebbe about their partnership in CBD research.

by   |   June 05, 2021

Lifting the Veil: U.S. Cannabis Research Ramping Up

As cannabis research restrictions loosen, we can only expect what we know about cannabis to grow exponentially in the coming years.

by   |   June 04, 2021

Advances in Cannabis Genomics

The cannabis genome is exceptionally complicated, evading scientific understanding for decades. Thanks to years of prohibition on the study of cannabis, scientists are just now trying to untangle the complicated nature of this plant's genetic makeup.

by   |   January 18, 2021

HU-580 - Cannabidiolic Acid Methyl Ester

New discoveries continue to uncover the seemingly limitless potential of cannabinoid therapies.

by   |   January 15, 2021

Cannabinoids for Food Preservation

New research could open a world of opportunities for cannabinoids in food production.

by   |   January 04, 2021

3 Greatest Moments in the History of Cannabis Science

The moments in cannabis science that changed history.

by   |   December 09, 2020

Cannabis Acetylation

Laboratory-produced cannabinoids.

by   |   December 07, 2020

Plant Medicine Expands into New Realms

From Cannabis to Mycology, Damon Michaels of Mydecine talks about his transition with Genifer Murray on Inside the Industry.

by   |   December 03, 2020

Cannabis Research Increasing Across the Globe

Legalization continues to increase opportunities for cannabis research.

by   |   November 13, 2020

Clinical Trial to Test Cannabis Impairment While Driving

The quest continues for accurate cannabis impairment tests.

by   |   November 05, 2020

Follow the Data: The Cannabis Customer Base is Shifting

Research improving the cannabis image and attracting a new clientele.

by   |   October 30, 2020

Hemp Research Programs

Top programs at leading Institutes in the nation focus on hemp research.

by   |   October 13, 2020

New Congressional Legislation Would Lift Restrictions on Important Cannabis Research

HR 3797 promises invigorate much-needed cannabis research.

by   |   October 08, 2020

Cannabinoid Discoveries: Cannabicitran and Cannabitriol

Confirmed in 2011, Cannabicitran and Cannabitriol, are relatively new in cananbinoid research.

by   |   October 06, 2020

Cannabis Research and Zebrafish: An Unlikely Dynamic Duo

Recent research links an unlikely creature to the world of cannabis research and development.

by   |   September 28, 2020

Follow the Funding: Cannabis Research Biased Against Cannabis

Lifting the veil on cannabis research reveals benefits, as well as, bias.