Green Tech

by   |   February 27, 2023

3 Ways Cannabis Technology Can Increase Sustainability

How an “organic” industry like cannabis can benefit from technology.

by   |   May 18, 2022

Energy Efficient Cannabis Grows and How They Do It

For Theory Wellness, energy efficiency is only the tip of the iceberg.

by   |   April 26, 2022

Turning Cannabis Waste, Into Profits: New Technology Transforms Biomass

What To Do With All That Excess Weed?

by   |   January 14, 2022

Can Microgrids Empower New Optimism for Cannabis Sustainability?

Energy sinks have caused problems for cannabis producers since the beginning of the industry, but microgrids could address the issue.

by   |   May 21, 2021

The Environmental Impact of Cannabis

With new industrial cultivation facilities coming online, many with over two million square feet of canopy space, the cannabis sector needs to start considering sustainability.

by   |   January 29, 2020

Reducing the Cannabis Industry’s Plastic Problem

Anyone that’s been to a dispensary has likely noticed the excessive amounts of plastic packaging that cannabis products are sold in.

by   |   January 17, 2020

Cannabis Waste Management: How to Solve the Growing Bio-Waste Problem

The one problem that comes with cannabis industry growth—it creates a whole lot of waste.

by   |   December 19, 2019

Going Green(er): Environmental Initiatives in Cannabis

Cannabis may be known as the 'green industry,' but its reputation is not an exceptionally eco-friendly one.

by   |   April 20, 2018

A Greener Green Part 3: CO2 Emissions

With the massive energy consumption of the cannabis industry comes the eminent emission of CO2. This output is posing a challenge for states with goals to reduce their greenhouse emissions and create sustainable cannabis programs.

by   |   March 19, 2018

A Greener Green Part 1: Energy Consumption

States and businesses across the industry are taking the initiative to produce more sustainable and energy-efficient cannabis to reduce their environmental footprint.