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by   |   March 22, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis - March 22nd, 2019

Israel, Greece, Canada, and the US all make headlines in a growing global industry.

by   |   March 15, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis - March 15th

Facebook is warming up to cannabis, research suggests THC provides more symptom relief than CBD, and blockchain gets introduced in California.

by   |   March 13, 2019

Blockchain Offers Tax Solution to End California Woes

Cannabis Tech reached out to Jay Lindberg, CEO of Cangea, to discuss AB 953 and the benefits of the blockchain, not just for businesses, but for the regulatory authority as well.

by   |   March 12, 2019

When Cannabis and AR Collide

When the cannabis industry meets the technology of AR, the result is a foreshadowing of unlimited possibilities into the future of business, technology, and the entire consumer experience. NexTech AR Solutions is creating that reality now with its launch of its AR Dispensary.

by   |   March 06, 2019

Insuring the Cannabis Industry

Like cannabis laws, each state governs their own insurance laws. Similar to banking, some traditional insurance companies hesitate to work with the cannabis industry.

by   |   March 05, 2019

Blockchain for Cannabis and Hemp Transport

Could blockchain be the key to keeping legal cannabis out of the black market?

by   |   March 04, 2019

Cannabis and Cancer: An Interview with Dr. Patrick Gray - Pascal Biosciences

In this episode of Cultivate, Genifer Murray interviews Dr. Patrick Gray, CEO of Pascal Biosciences to further discuss amazing developments in using cannabinoids to fight cancer.

by   |   March 01, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis - March 1st

New genomics research from Israel, blockchain taxes coming to California, and stocks see a surge.

by   |   February 28, 2019

Microwave-Assisted Cannabis and Hemp Processing

CannabisTech reached out to Dr. Steven Splinter, Founder, CTO, and Director of Radient Technologies, about how MAP™ technology can bring safe and quality cannabis extractions to commercial scale productions.

by   |   February 22, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis - February 22nd

Colorado announced sales data for 2018, California works to help cannabis businesses with trademarks, and a new report shows millennials are loving pot stocks.

by   |   February 21, 2019

Professional Portal Designed for Medical Marijuana Dialogue

Advocating for professional cannabis conversation, CannabisTech reached out to James West, Founder of Arfinn Med, an online EMR portal designed to aid medical cannabis dialogue.

by   |   February 20, 2019

We Vitro: Innovations in Tissue Culture Technology

CannabisTech reached out to Kevin Piunno from We Vitro regarding tissue culture technology and solutions for the future of cannabis cultivation.

by   |   February 15, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis - February 15th

With an operational government, HR420 is introduced, Canada begins importing from Colombia, and Greece looks to capitalize on hemp. Read this week's top cannabis headlines!

by   |   February 14, 2019

Cannabis Industry Trends You’re Going to Love

As the industry continues to gain steam and build support, these are a few trends we can all fall in love with!

by   |   February 11, 2019

Deciphering DNA for a Biological Blueprint

We spoke to Jackson Rowland, Founder, and CEO of Green Genomix, about DNA sequencing and decoding the varied effects of cannabis.

by   |   February 08, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis - 1st Week in February

California is slashing taxes, salaries are on the rise, and the WHO says it's time to reschedule cannabis worldwide.

by   |   February 04, 2019

Big Data is Big Business for Cannabis

Who is using what products, and why are they using them? Both cannabis tech companies and big data are seeking to break into the cannabis world.

by   |   February 01, 2019

Top Cannabis Headlines This Week

Israel takes center stage this week as news laws permit cannabis exports. Meanwhile, cannabis investments continue to ramp up.

by   |   January 29, 2019

Closed Loop Aquaponics Provides More than Clean Cannabis

Green Relief's waste-free, closed-loop aquaponics system saves water and feeds the hungry.

by   |   January 28, 2019

Ethical CBD: Understanding Phytoremediation

Learn why safe cannabis and hemp products begin with organic soil, clean water, and ethical farming.