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by   |   September 23, 2018

With Legalization Looming, Police Face Challenges Measuring Cannabis Impairment

With legalization advancing in Canada, municipal police forces prepare for an anticipated increase of drugged driving incidents.

by   |   September 21, 2018

The Cannabis Industry’s First Patent Collective

Growing pains are developing in the cannabis industry as genetic code, and proprietary processes start to become patent-protected. CannabisTech spoke to Stephen Martin at The Gene Pool this week to discuss the future of cannabis patents.

by   |   September 20, 2018

Cannabis Technology Provides Improved Patient Data

While many cannabis-related applications and innovations are in startup phases, the ReleafApp is providing valuable, real-world patient data to researchers at the University of New Mexico.

by   |   September 18, 2018

Harnessing Consumer Influence with Best in Grow

Best in Grow combines crowd-sourced data with invaluable business tools to empower your budtenders and delight your customers.

by   |   August 27, 2018

The New Frontier – Transitioning to Cannabis

Learn why this is an industry where people of all walks of life can be utilized

by   |   August 20, 2018

The Green Rush for Talent

Currently the United States cannabis industry employs roughly 125,000 people and is projected to grow to over 400,000 by 2021. The $10 billion market is expected to grow to $40 billion in that same span, which would make it the fastest growing industry in the country at nearly 400%.

by   |   August 15, 2018

How The Start-up Nation Is Revolutionizing The Cannabis Industry

Israelis are a people who have learned to do more, with less.

by   |   August 14, 2018

Cultivate Your Cannabis Knowledge: Interview with Shellene Suemori

It's not uncommon these days to see former chemists and molecular biologists move from the pharmaceutical industry into cannabis. It's just a logical next step into a growing sector. But to see a former NASA funded scientist, like for Shellene Suemori, move into cannabis, is an interesting move.

by   |   August 08, 2018

CMTREX: A Gateway to the Global Cannabis and Hemp Trade

Saul Singer, the co-founder, and CEO of CMTREX sat down with CannabisTech to discuss the rapid evolution of the cannabis marketplace.

by   |   August 01, 2018

Where Science Takes Over

A conversation with Dr. Douglas Jorgensen of New England Sport and Spine

by   |   July 27, 2018

DIY Cannabis Innovation for Consumers

Home cultivators and patients alike have a promising future in cannabis technology as more companies like ExtractCraft and Oblend emerge to provide high-end, advanced technology solutions which make processing and consuming cannabis cheaper and more efficient.

by   |   July 18, 2018

GoFire SMART Vaporizer and App: Finding the Perfect Dose

Rob Neely interviews Peter Calfee, CEO of GoFire, about the company’s high tech vaporizer and associated app to be introduced to the market in late August, after three and a half years of development.

by   |   July 18, 2018

7 Best Practices for Effective Cannabis Compliance Programs

Implementing the correct procedures will not only help you excel when it comes to compliance, but will create resiliency for your business.

by   |   July 05, 2018

Engineering in the Cannabis Industry

Regardless of the product, when a new industry emerges, opportunities arise for early adopters to jump into highly rewarding positions in an exciting new field. With industries as promising as cannabis and hemp, many people are finding new ways to incorporate skills and expertise, learned from more mainstream industries, to forge a new path during the early days of the Green Rush.

by   |   July 02, 2018

The Next Level of Cannabinoid Research

A rare peek behind the curtain at MedPharm’s cultivation, processing, and research facility.

by   |   July 01, 2018

Keeping up with Regulatory Changes

Summertime in Colorado is known for a vast selection of experiences for the everyday tourist, locals, and someone like myself, a weekend warrior. There are so many things happening at any given moment in our state to indulge in. However, for some of us, summertime in Colorado also represents regulation implementation dates. Such as July 1, as it seems almost every summer there is a new packaging or labeling rule to adhere to and the beginning of Colorado’s State licensing authority summer rule-making sessions.

by   |   June 27, 2018

Patent Pending: The Future of Intellectual Property Rights in Cannabis

Why it is important for cannabis producers, cultivators, and entrepreneurs to take a multifaceted approach.

by   |   June 18, 2018

Playing the Long Game: Interview with Greg Gamet

CannabisTech was able to speak with cannabis entrepreneur Greg Gamet about the ins and outs of today's cannabis industry. In 2017, Greg was awarded the Cannabis Industry Compliance Executive of the Year and currently serves as Chief Cannabis Officer at Gold Flora, located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Join us, as we discuss Greg's path to where he is today, and where he sees the cannabis industry headed.

by   |   June 15, 2018

How to Grow Cannabis Post Legalization

Understanding the basics when considering your own home grow

by   |   June 13, 2018

Brewing Innovation in the Cannabis Industry

This is not your Daddy’s beer. Province Brands developed their own patent-pending process to create the worlds first beer from cannabis itself.