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by   |   April 20, 2022

Cannabis Jobs in America: 3 Takeaways from the Leafly Job Report

The cannabis industry is smashing records in no uncertain terms, especially with jobs.

by   |   April 19, 2022

3D Printed Hemp Buildings Could Transform the Construction Industry and Solve a Housing Crisis

Harnessing the power of hempcrete to produce low-cost, green buildings may save the global economy and the environment.

by   |   April 15, 2022

Carla Boyd on Trailblazing Hemp & Technology

Taking the lead often comes with challenges. Carla Boyd joins us on Herbonomics to talk about leading the way in hemp-based foods.

by   |   April 11, 2022

A Cannabis Castle Offers a New Era for Hemp

Châteaus, or castles, have housed prominent individuals and influential movements, from royalty to art salons… and now, hemp manufacturing.

by   |   April 06, 2022

Dispensaries Accepting Payments in Cryptocurrency

Integrating cryptocurrency transaction options is a safe, easy, and affordable solution for the government banking stonewall.

by   |   April 01, 2022

The Cannabis Industry Around the World

Lance Lambert, VP of Marketing at GreenBroz, shares his international insight on an ever-expanding global cannabis industry in this podcast.

by   |   March 24, 2022

Processing Industrial Hemp Takes Specialized Equipment

Hemp has the potential to produce thousands of products with the proper hemp processing equipment and processing facilities.

by   |   March 18, 2022

How to Make Wood from Hemp: An Amazing Carbon-Zero Magic Trick

Greg Wilson with HempWood shares the secrets to creating one of the world's strongest, most eco-friendly building materials.

by   |   March 15, 2022

Navigating the Supply Chain Crisis

A system already crippled by a global pandemic, prepares for another sucker punch as the Russian War on Ukraine escalates.

by   |   March 11, 2022

Can NFTs Chart a Sustainable Course for Cannabis and Cryptocurrency?

Cannabis NFTs emphasize industry dilemmas and new solutions for a more sustainable future.

by   |   March 09, 2022

Top 3 Ways to Use Your Tech Degree in Cannabis

Cannabis has evolved from the “stoner” stereotype and is now acknowledged as an industry needing jacks of all trades - particularly in technology careers.

by   |   March 04, 2022

Understanding the Processes for Post-Harvest Conditioning in Industrial Hemp

Post-harvest conditioning for fiber hemp.

by   |   March 02, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War: Things You Need to Know

Information is provided by Ukrainian company - AskGrowers, which is based in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv.

by   |   February 25, 2022

Is the World Ready for Amazon Cannabis Delivery?

We've seen it in the news - Amazon is relaxing its stance on cannabis. But is cannabis ready for Amazon?

by   |   February 23, 2022

How Smartphone Apps Are Making Cannabis Investing Easy

Investment apps are making playing the stock market more effortless than ever. Here is a guide to investing in cannabis stocks at any level and budget.

by   |   February 18, 2022

Herbonomics: The Economics of the Herb

In this second episode of Herbonomics on Cannabis Tech, we speak Beau Whitney, a global leader in cannabis and hemp economics, and the namesake for our new podcast.

by   |   February 17, 2022

Dear Hemp: It’s Not About the Competition

No, the regulated marijuana industry is in no way threatened by the rise of Delta-8 THC. However, many are perplexed by it.

by   |   February 09, 2022

Cannabis Chemistry - What is HHC?

Another synthetic cannabinoid is creating waves in non-legal states, but what is it and what are the risks?

by   |   February 05, 2022

Reciprocity and Medical Cannabis: Embracing a Nation

Former lawyer and cannabis CEO says that reciprocity programs are on the rise for 2022.

by   |   January 28, 2022

A Hard Look: Comparing Hempcrete to Concrete

2022 will usher in exciting developments regarding the use of hempcrete. But how does it compare to concrete?