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by   |   May 27, 2020

CBD Awaits EU Novel Food Decision

An industry anxiously awaits a decision on the fate of CBD in Europe.

by   |   May 26, 2020

Reopening and Prepping the Cannabis Industry

Planning for the days and months ahead.

by   |   May 22, 2020

PanXchange Hemp Market Report Podcast

We talk with RJ Hopp, Director of Hemp Markets about the hemp market fluctuations, declining hemp licenses, and the outlook in industrial hemp futures.

by   |   May 15, 2020

Furloughs, Layoffs, and Losses: Covid-19 Takes a Hit on Cannabis

Cannabis was leading job creation in the US in the first quarter, but no industry can withstand the impact of coronavirus without taking a few hits.

by   |   May 14, 2020

COVID Interrupts Cannabis Job Growth

In this two-part series, we examine the impact of a pandemic on cannabis industry job growth.

by   |   May 12, 2020

Tech Careers in an Essential Cannabis Industry

As a growing essential industry, there are limitless opportunities for advanced skillsets in cannabis.

by   |   April 29, 2020

Cheech & Chong Go High-Tech with New Video Game

We spoke with Tommy Chong about the new video game, the pandemic, and, of course, cannabis.

by   |   April 27, 2020

Cyber Attack, Fraud, and Hacking Threatens Cannabis

Threats for the cannabis industry require businesses to think of solutions.

by   |   April 24, 2020

Contributions From The Cannabis Industry During COVID-19 Quarantine

From hand sanitizer to testing technologies to million-dollar memorials, the cannabis industry is stepping up.

by   |   April 22, 2020

Ancillary Cannabis Businesses Denied SBA Funds

Plant-touching or not, many businesses serving the cannabis industry have received little sympathy from the SBA.

by   |   April 21, 2020

COVID-19 Impacts Cannabis Supply Chain: But for How Long?

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns are playing havoc with the U.S. economy. Unemployment rates are rising, and profit levels for many businesses are plummeting.

by   |   April 20, 2020

Is Cannabis Recession Proof?

As the global economy takes a COVID-19-triggered downturn, what can the cannabis industry expect?

by   |   April 17, 2020

Hemp Industry Prime for Post-Pandemic Growth

Cannabis Tech spoke with Bruce Perlowin, CEO and founder of Hemp Inc., to peer into the crystal ball and provide insight for the hemp industry in these highly unpredictable times.

by   |   April 14, 2020

Technologies Helping Keep Cannabis Productive

While the world faces shutdowns and economic stoppages, the cannabis industry remains one of the select industries to continue operations. Through delivery services, mobile ordering, automation, and diversified demand, cannabis exists as a versatile and resilient industry.

by   |   April 13, 2020

Delivery Services Increasing Across Cannabis Industry

COVID-19 is forcing the now essential cannabis industry to adapt business policies and procedures to meet demand.

by   |   April 07, 2020

Could Pharmaceutical Shortages Drive Cannabis Demand?

Amid drug shortages, could cannabis lessen the burden?

by   |   April 06, 2020

Solving the Challenges of Vaping

Cannabis Tech spoke with Mladen Barbaric, CEO of Airgraft, about vaping safety.

by   |   April 03, 2020

Cannabis Education for All

Green Flower Media offers free cannabis certificate program.

by   |   April 01, 2020

Hemp Market Reports with PanXchange

RJ Hopp, Director of Hemp Markets at PanXchange discusses the state of the industry.

by   |   March 31, 2020

Long-Term Coronavirus Impacts on Cannabis

The arrival of the coronavirus, labeled COVID-19, is impacting every sector of the American economy, including the cannabis industry.