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by   |   July 01, 2022

Addressing Hemp Regulations and Ethics in Delta-8 THC Production

The courts have deemed Delta-8 THC legal, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

by   |   June 27, 2022

Music & Cannabis – Blending Cultural Crossroads to Help De-Stigmatize Cannabis

In the small mountain town of Salida, Colorado, cannabis mogul, cultural icon, and music legend, Willie Nelson, is joining forces with Long Play to highlight the crossroads between music and cannabis.

by   |   June 16, 2022

Dialing in Dosing & Delivery

Q&A with Dr. Kyle Hammerick from Escape Artists about the roadmap to standardized product efficacy and pharmaceutical parallels in cannabis.

by   |   June 15, 2022

Thailand Legalized Cannabis - What Now?

Cannabis legalization in Thailand is about to give the world a lesson in economics, education, and even tourism.

by   |   May 25, 2022

Futuristic Non-Invasive Health Scanner Detects Cannabis Impairment

Detecting cannabis impairment has been one of the biggest debates since legalization began in 1995, but new health screening technology may finally put the issue to rest.

by   |   May 20, 2022

Hemp Fibers & Fashions Have Come a Long Way

Summer Star Haeske discusses how hemp fabrics and fashions play a role in a greener, healthier planet.

by   |   May 12, 2022

3 Ways Dispensaries Can Maximize the Impact of Their Retail Data

Dispensaries that wish to become market leaders must learn to optimize cannabis retail data points to truly understand their target audiences

by   |   May 10, 2022

The Age of CBD: As Regulations Relax, CBD is Poised for Explosion

When it comes to Cannabis, it is clear that the tide is changing.

by   |   April 22, 2022

The Metaverse Is Expanding: New App Aims to Empower Cannabis Communities

This crypto-powered e-commerce app is making the largest cannabis-growing region in the country more resilient and sustainable.

by   |   April 20, 2022

Cannabis Jobs in America: 3 Takeaways from the Leafly Job Report

The cannabis industry is smashing records in no uncertain terms, especially with jobs.

by   |   April 15, 2022

Carla Boyd on Trailblazing Hemp & Technology

Taking the lead often comes with challenges. Carla Boyd joins us on Herbonomics to talk about leading the way in hemp-based foods.

by   |   April 11, 2022

A Cannabis Castle Offers a New Era for Hemp

Châteaus, or castles, have housed prominent individuals and influential movements, from royalty to art salons… and now, hemp manufacturing.

by   |   April 06, 2022

Dispensaries Accepting Payments in Cryptocurrency

Integrating cryptocurrency transaction options is a safe, easy, and affordable solution for the government banking stonewall.

by   |   April 01, 2022

The Cannabis Industry Around the World

Lance Lambert, VP of Marketing at GreenBroz, shares his international insight on an ever-expanding global cannabis industry in this podcast.

by   |   March 18, 2022

How to Make Wood from Hemp: An Amazing Carbon-Zero Magic Trick

Greg Wilson with HempWood shares the secrets to creating one of the world's strongest, most eco-friendly building materials.

by   |   March 11, 2022

Can NFTs Chart a Sustainable Course for Cannabis and Cryptocurrency?

Cannabis NFTs emphasize industry dilemmas and new solutions for a more sustainable future.

by   |   March 09, 2022

Top 3 Ways to Use Your Tech Degree in Cannabis

Cannabis has evolved from the “stoner” stereotype and is now acknowledged as an industry needing jacks of all trades - particularly in technology careers.

by   |   March 02, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War: Things You Need to Know

Information is provided by Ukrainian company - AskGrowers, which is based in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv.

by   |   February 23, 2022

How Smartphone Apps Are Making Cannabis Investing Easy

Investment apps are making playing the stock market more effortless than ever. Here is a guide to investing in cannabis stocks at any level and budget.

by   |   February 18, 2022

Herbonomics: The Economics of the Herb

In this second episode of Herbonomics on Cannabis Tech, we speak Beau Whitney, a global leader in cannabis and hemp economics, and the namesake for our new podcast.