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by   |   March 02, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War: Things You Need to Know

Information is provided by Ukrainian company - AskGrowers, which is based in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv.

by   |   February 25, 2022

Is the World Ready for Amazon Cannabis Delivery?

We've seen it in the news - Amazon is relaxing its stance on cannabis. But is cannabis ready for Amazon?

by   |   February 23, 2022

How Smartphone Apps Are Making Cannabis Investing Easy

Investment apps are making playing the stock market more effortless than ever. Here is a guide to investing in cannabis stocks at any level and budget.

by   |   February 18, 2022

Herbonomics: The Economics of the Herb

In this second episode of Herbonomics on Cannabis Tech, we speak Beau Whitney, a global leader in cannabis and hemp economics, and the namesake for our new podcast.

by   |   February 17, 2022

Dear Hemp: It’s Not About the Competition

No, the regulated marijuana industry is in no way threatened by the rise of Delta-8 THC. However, many are perplexed by it.

by   |   February 09, 2022

Cannabis Chemistry - What is HHC?

Another synthetic cannabinoid is creating waves in non-legal states, but what is it and what are the risks?

by   |   February 05, 2022

Reciprocity and Medical Cannabis: Embracing a Nation

Former lawyer and cannabis CEO says that reciprocity programs are on the rise for 2022.

by   |   January 28, 2022

A Hard Look: Comparing Hempcrete to Concrete

2022 will usher in exciting developments regarding the use of hempcrete. But how does it compare to concrete?

by   |   January 27, 2022

Will Hemp Help Restore the Bee Population?

From cannabinoid protection to nutrient-rich pollen, outdoor hemp cultivation may help save the bees.

by   |   January 21, 2022

Video Podcast to Highlight How Hemp Can Energize American Manufacturing

Watch the first episode of Herbonomics on Cannabis Tech.

by   |   January 17, 2022

How to Capitalize on Cannabis SEO: Powerful New Way to Balance Tech and Creativity

Building an audience in the highly regulated cannabis and hemp industries is difficult. Learn how to manipulate SEO algorithms and avoid social media pitfalls.

by   |   January 11, 2022

Why ESG is Critical for the Cannabis Industry

Geoff Trotter, CGO and Co-Founder of Regennabis, joins A Tech Moment to discuss the environmental, social, and governance requirements to gain the interest of mainstream investors.

by   |   January 04, 2022

The Complex World of Commercial Cannabis Edible Production

Producing cannabis edibles production means cannabis compliance and food production regulations and oversight.

by   |   December 31, 2021

2021 Cannabis Headlines

Looking back at the legislation, research, and products that changed cannabis in 2021.

by   |   December 15, 2021

Can Industrial Hemp Create Anything?

In a word, Yes. With the proper infrastructure, hemp has the potential to rejuvenate American manufacturing.

by   |   December 09, 2021

30 High-Tech Gift Ideas for Cannabis Consumers

As the holidays approach, browse our gift guide for new cannabis consumer tech.

by   |   December 07, 2021

Cannabis Industry Adapts to Supply Chain Problems with Creative Solutions

The cannabis industry is using its pioneering ingenuity to overcome supply chain woes.

by   |   December 02, 2021

The Path to a Healthier Planet - How Hemp Can Help Fight Climate Change

Properly integrating hemp into less-sustainable agricultural regions and efficiently using the biomass could be the first steps to a brighter future.

by   |   November 12, 2021

Supply Chain Issues Increase Demand for Used Cannabis Equipment

Because of the equipment crunch, used equipment values are skyrocketing as producers seek solutions to the supply chain nightmare.

by   |   November 11, 2021

New Vape Technology: 4 Devices that Ensure Safer Cannabis Inhalation

Technology innovations in cannabis consumption look to solve a variety of problems.