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by   |   July 21, 2020

Hemp Plastics: A Look at the Pros and Cons

Hemp plastics will be an improvement, but are there drawbacks?

by   |   July 16, 2020

Investing in Cannabis & Technology

Discussing cannabis investing trends with Matt Carr from the Oxford Club.

by   |   July 14, 2020

Strain Refers to Viruses Not Cannabis

In an era of information, its time to wash our hands of outdated terminology.

by   |   July 13, 2020

Data-Driven Marketing in a Virtual World

As cannabis retail expands its digital footprint, data-driven marketing becomes increasingly critical.

by   |   July 10, 2020

PanXchange Hemp Market Report - July 2020

RJ Hopp from PanXchange talks about Hemp Market fluctuations, as well as market expansion with a rise in smokable hemp, Delta-8-THC, and animal feedstock.

by   |   July 09, 2020

Tech Innovations Promote Responsible Cannabis Consumption

From social responsibility to dosing accuracy and safer inhalation, cannabis technologies are improving the consumer experience.

by   |   July 02, 2020

Indica and Sativa: Outdated Terminology?

Just as wines go deeper than red and white, science is proving cannabis goes far beyond, indica and sativa.

by   |   June 29, 2020

A Virtual Event with a Human Touch

As social distancing puts a damper on cannabis conferences worldwide, one new platform offers virtual events that promise to keep participants and vendors engaged and communicating.

by   |   June 24, 2020

Watching an Industry Mature: A Discussion Between Cannabis Pioneers

Genifer Murray hosts Joe Hodas of Wana Brands to discuss industry progress, the Last Prisoner Project, and what the future holds for legal cannabis.

by   |   June 17, 2020

Why Cannabis and CBD Brands Need Influencers

Courtney Wu, CEO & Founder of AMNESIA Media discusses influencer marketing in the cannabis space with Genifer Murray.

by   |   June 11, 2020

Moving Forward: Sustaining Growth in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is set to reach new heights, beyond the pandemic.

by   |   June 08, 2020

The Evolution of a Cannabis Professional

In this Cultivate podcast, Genifer Murray discusses Gail Rand's evolution from canna-mom to canna-pro.

by   |   June 01, 2020

Advantages of Vertical Integration

Vertical integration in cannabis brings a wide range of benefits.

by   |   May 29, 2020

Professional Cannabis Training: A Personal Experience

Despite my initial reservations and skepticism, I walked away with a new perspective.

by   |   May 27, 2020

CBD Awaits EU Novel Food Decision

An industry anxiously awaits a decision on the fate of CBD in Europe.

by   |   May 26, 2020

Reopening and Prepping the Cannabis Industry

Planning for the days and months ahead.

by   |   May 22, 2020

PanXchange Hemp Market Report Podcast

We talk with RJ Hopp, Director of Hemp Markets about the hemp market fluctuations, declining hemp licenses, and the outlook in industrial hemp futures.

by   |   May 15, 2020

Furloughs, Layoffs, and Losses: Covid-19 Takes a Hit on Cannabis

Cannabis was leading job creation in the US in the first quarter, but no industry can withstand the impact of coronavirus without taking a few hits.

by   |   May 14, 2020

COVID Interrupts Cannabis Job Growth

In this two-part series, we examine the impact of a pandemic on cannabis industry job growth.

by   |   May 12, 2020

Tech Careers in an Essential Cannabis Industry

As a growing essential industry, there are limitless opportunities for advanced skillsets in cannabis.