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Inherent Dangers in Designer Cannabinoids

Why lawmakers and regulators need to move faster to regulate lab-produced cannabinoids.

by   |   August 17, 2021

Security Technologies for the Cannabis Industry

With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, so too has the risk of warehouses, dispensaries, and grow operations becoming the target of a crime.

by   |   August 04, 2021

Apple Softens Stance on Cannabis Apps

Is big tech turning the corner in a quest for cannabis acceptance?

by   |   July 30, 2021

Cleanroom Technology for Cannabis Production

As consumers become more aware of contaminants and pathogens in their products, it’s crucial for the cannabis and hemp industries to take note.

by   |   July 24, 2021

A Minor Review of Minor Cannabinoids

A review of lesser-known cannabinoids and their potential.

by   |   July 23, 2021

Cannabis Needs a Tech-First Approach

Why cannabis companies should adopt a ‘Technology-First’ instead of ‘Technology-Last’ approach.

by   |   July 22, 2021

Accredited Cannabis: Seeking Higher Education

Accreditation is an important factor when researching any college; however, in a burgeoning industry with many for-profit schools jumping on board, cannabis students would be wise to do their homework.

by   |   July 19, 2021

Supply Chain Issues for Cannabis Equipment

Cannabis and hemp equipment manufacturers across the nation are experiencing significant supply chain problems.

by   |   July 15, 2021

Fight for US Cannabis Legalization Intensifies in Senate

One Small Step, Or One Giant Leap? Is the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act a milestone moment for cannabis legalization, or will it fall on deaf ears across the aisle?

by   |   July 02, 2021

Virginia Opens the Door to Cannabis

Eric Postow, a Virginia Cannabis Lawyer at Parlatore Law, joins Ellis Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Consultant at American Cannabis Company in Colorado to discuss legalization, laws, and timeline for the first southern state to allow adult-use cannabis.

by   |   July 02, 2021

The Emergence of International Cannabis

As the world begins to open its doors to cannabis, businesses looking to expand their international footprint are reminded to do their homework first.

by   |   June 30, 2021

East Coast Cannabis Setting Trends

New legalizations present a massive opportunity for industry expansion.

by   |   June 12, 2021

5-High-Paying Tech Jobs in Cannabis

The cannabis industry offers a number of lucrative, high-tech careers.

by   |   June 01, 2021

Roadblocks in Cannabis

It is no secret that the cannabis industry suffers tragically as it remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance and illegal on a federal level.

by   |   May 27, 2021

Taking Advantage of the Big Tech Exodus

Silicon Valley is a bit quieter these days and big tech workers are looking for greener pastures.

by   |   May 25, 2021

A Wave of New Cannabis Legalizations

Only three states in the US lack some form of marijuana reform. New York and Virginia are the latest to approve adult-use cannabis, who's next?

by   |   May 20, 2021

Crypto, Cannabis and other Financial Opportunities

Cryptocurrency, Blockchains, Tokens, NFT’s are common buzzwords flying around these days. How is crypto helping move cannabis further into the digital age, and what does it mean for the industry?

by   |   May 19, 2021

Where Will Cannabis Technology Be in 5 Years?

The cannabis industry has gained incredible traction over recent years- of this; there is no doubt. But what comes next?

by   |   May 14, 2021

The Full UX of Cannabis

The user experience of cannabis starts long before the sale and lasts well beyond the high.

by   |   April 22, 2021

PanXchange Hemp Market Report April 2021

Seth Boone, Vice President of Business Development with PanXchange, sheds light on incomplete, unfocused data on planted hemp acreages, increased efficiency creating higher yields, and if the potential for producers is best in distillates, smokable flower, or Delta-8 products.