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Upcoming Webcast: Hemp Nutritional and Food Products

This month our expert Hempster, Carell, will explore the endless possibilities for hemp nutritional and food products, with guest Mary Matarazzo, hemp product formulator. 

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Insuring the Cannabis Industry

Every traditional insurance policy has a clause that excludes all contraband and all fraudulent activities. These two clauses alone are enough to deny a claim for a cannabis-related business because it is defined as contraband by the federal government.

by   |   January 12, 2018

Establishing IT and Cybersecurity Baselines To Protect Your Data

Data management and cybersecurity in the cannabis industry is often the last item on an organization's lengthy to-do list. Cannabis companies are scaling rapidly, with far too many other issues to contend with; data security is barely a blip on the radar.

by   |   January 05, 2018

How to protect your valuable product

Weighing, shipping, tracking, and protecting your valuable product is equally important as growing a top quality strain.

by   |   December 11, 2017

Solving the unique insurance challenges posed by the cannabis industry

For AlphaRoot, it's clear that a fully realized cannabis industry is in part legitimized through fully formed insurance policies.

by   |   October 09, 2017

Cannabis Tech live with Todd Mitchem

Todd Mitchem is no stranger. He is an entrepreneur, CEO and Co-founder of Todd Mitchel Companies (TMC) and a 2018 congressional candidate. Along with running his successful companies he is an avid speaker and provides guidance on the power of change, communication and working together as a team.

by   |   October 07, 2017

Botana: A Fully Customized Smart Tool Designed for Any Grower, in Any Garden

We had an opportunity to speak with Robert Schneider about Botana's Grow Journal app and its new addition, Bug Tracker, which helps growers monitor and control pest activity.

by   |   September 21, 2017

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology in the International Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is moving toward cryptocurrencies for international business. With so many new ones popping up in the market, what are the differences between them?

by   |   September 21, 2017

Interview with Kevin Mckernan, Chief Science Officer Behind StrainSEEK

We got to talk with Kevin Mckernan from Medicinal Genomics, a company that tests the DNA of cannabis strains.

by   |   September 18, 2017

Industrial Hemp Refining                

Colorado Company Promotes Whole Hemp Utilization, Demonstrates Industrial Hemp Processing Innovation

by   |   August 16, 2017

Let’s Talk Cannabinoids

Saul Kaye, CEO of iCan Israel Cannabis, lives in Beit Shemesh and believes medical cannabis will offer great value in the very near future.