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by   |   February 19, 2020

The Drying Room Dilemma

Finding the space to dry thousands of cannabis or hemp plants.

by   |   February 14, 2020

Taming the Beast: Getting the Most from Your Electric Bill

For indoor cannabis cultivation, electricity is a necessary evil. Learn how to get the most for your money.

by   |   January 27, 2020

The Future of Greenhouse Growing is Here: Quantum Dots

If UbiGro is any indication, space-age technology has made its way into commercial cannabis greenhouses.

by   |   January 25, 2020

Processing Industrial Hemp

Due to the growth of the hemp industry, demand for specialized hemp processing equipment has surpassed the supply. As many entrepreneurs have discovered, finding machinery equipped to handle the tough fibrous stalk of hemp plants is no simple task.

by   |   January 24, 2020

Wraparound Dehumidification Technology for Cannabis Grows

Cannabis cultivation facilities must strive to maintain proper humidity levels at all times. Fluctuations can lead to unwanted moisture buildup, with all the expected damage.

by   |   January 20, 2020

Precision Humidity Control in Cannabis Grow Facilities

In the midst of product recalls, dehumidification in commercial cultivation is critical.

by   |   January 15, 2020

What is Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) in Cannabis Cultivation?

Analyzing VPD in cannabis cultivation allows growers more control over their plants by giving the growers insight into the growth cycle of their plant.

by   |   December 29, 2019

Cannabis Lighting Trends In 2019

Updates in science and the explosive growth of LEDs.

by   |   December 27, 2019

Low-Tech Pest Management Solutions

As the cannabis industry booms, it has not been immune to scandals. Contamination of consumer-bound products is an ongoing issue.

by   |   December 19, 2019

Going Green(er): Environmental Initiatives in Cannabis

Cannabis may be known as the 'green industry,' but its reputation is not an exceptionally eco-friendly one.

by   |   December 16, 2019

Advanced Propagation Leads to Better Cannabis

Through their proprietary Clean Stock program, Front Range Biosciences breeds disease-free, virus-free, true-to-type plants, allowing farmers to start their grows with the healthiest, highest-quality plant material available.

by   |   December 09, 2019

Super Soils Save Money and See Super Harvests

The best technologies don't work against nature, but with it.

by   |   December 03, 2019

What is Aeroponic Cannabis Cultivation?

Growing cannabis out of thin air.

by   |   November 18, 2019

Paragon Processing Provides Crop-Saving Services for Hemp Farmers

Paragon Processing continues to innovate solutions to help hemp farmers across the nation from losing valuable biomass.

by   |   November 14, 2019

Comparing Cultivation Methods

As cannabis is an ancient crop cultivated by humans thousands of years ago, there are a variety of options to choose between while growing it.

by   |   October 25, 2019

How to Use Protein-drying Technology to Preserve Your Cannabis & Hemp

Our host Ellis Smith and guest N'Gai Barbero, of Protein Solutions Group ('PSG'), provide a look at an innovative and unique proteomic processing agent that protects, rapidly dehydrates, and preserves any natural substance without damaging cellular integrity. 

by   |   October 19, 2019

What is the Sea of Green Method?

Sea of green, or SOG, is a cultivation technique loved by growers who are short on space, and on time.

by   |   October 14, 2019

5 Tips for Designing A Cannabis Commercial Grow Room

An efficient commercial grow room is paramount to the success of any serious hemp or cannabis cultivating business. After all, this is where the plants will spend most (if not all) their life. Equipped with the latest indoor gardening technologies, well-designed grow rooms are essential for yielding the most bud in this budding industry.

by   |   October 07, 2019

Controlling the Stench

Let’s face it, not everyone loves the smell of cannabis.

by   |   July 25, 2019

13 Ways to Reduce Your Costs When Growing Cannabis

Any savvy business owner knows reducing costs increases profits.