by   |   December 10, 2017

The Benefits of Fertigation

Fertigation is a fertilization process that utilizes a separate water supply to deliver nutrients to cannabis plants in an efficient and exact manner.

by   |   December 09, 2017

Hemp Decortication

Due to the growth of the hemp industry, demand for specialized hemp processing equipment has surpassed the supply. As many entrepreneurs have discovered, finding machinery equipped to handle the tough fibrous stalk of hemp plants is no simple task.

by   |   December 06, 2017

Why Curing is So Critical for Quality Cannabis

Curing is the final phase of cannabis cultivation and is a critical step in ensuring quality, potent medical marijuana.

by   |   November 20, 2017

Sonication for Agriculture

Will singing to your plants improve the final yield? According to recent research, sonic waves could play a substantial role in all aspects of the growth cycle, from germination all the way to harvest.

by   |   November 15, 2017

Harnessing Spectral Science for Better Yields

The rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry is generating a flurry of technological advances within the agriculture industry. Many forward-thinking manufacturers within the industry have grasped this opportunity to breathe new life into indoor cultivation and agriculture.

by   |   November 07, 2017

Aeroponics 101

Learn the basics of aeroponics and see how they're being scaled for large-scale cannabis growing facilities.

by   |   November 04, 2017

How to Create a Truly Data Driven Grow

Through innovation in data management and communications systems, Braingrid envisions a future focused on data-driven growing for the cannabis industry.

by   |   October 24, 2017

Aquaponics For Your Grow Operation

Commercial aquaponic operations have been producing crops such as lettuce since the 1990s, but a well-established system can produce high-nutrient crops such as cannabis.

by   |   October 20, 2017

What You Need To Know About LED Lighting Recipes

Long gone are the days of growing cannabis with a simple on-off light switch and a manually managed light schedule. Large-scale commercial operations rely on much more than intuition these days; using high-tech mobile apps for remote management and in-depth analysis of historical light information. In fact, growers are now using technology to learn intimate details about the light requirements of specific strains and then making minute adjustments to produce individualized LED light recipes that their forefathers could only dream about.

by   |   October 17, 2017

Advancing Indoor Agriculture

The rapid increase of the legal cannabis market across the United States is changing the landscape of farming, especially indoor agriculture operations.

by   |   October 07, 2017

Botana: A Fully Customized Smart Tool Designed for Any Grower, in Any Garden

We had an opportunity to speak with Robert Schneider about Botana's Grow Journal app and its new addition, Bug Tracker, which helps growers monitor and control pest activity.

by   |   September 22, 2017

SCALE: Growing the Hemp Industry

Growing the Hemp Industry - Developing technologies and infrastructure to be competitive.

by   |   September 18, 2017

Industrial Hemp Refining                

Colorado Company Promotes Whole Hemp Utilization, Demonstrates Industrial Hemp Processing Innovation

by   |   September 05, 2017

Precision Dehumidification Control in the Modern Grow Facility

The environment in a modern cannabis grow facility is dynamic, fortunately there is equipment out there when properly applied that can protect the crops from mold and mildew while maximizing crop yield and the growers return on investment.

by   |   August 22, 2017

Cannabis Extraction Booms with Groundbreaking Technologies

Concentrate extraction methods are rapidly expanding and progressing in efficiency, availability, and preservation.

by   |   August 16, 2017

Advancements in Horticultural Lighting Technologies using IoT Platforms

Innovations in horticultural lighting technologies have advanced with the continued growth in many plant-based industries, including food consumption and pharmaceuticals. Among the uses of more advanced lighting science is the ability to control the min-maxing of photosynthetic light fixtures, improving yield and growth cycle duration.