by   |   October 21, 2022

Premium Cannabis: High Pricing for Top Quality

Gas. Groceries. Housing costs. Amid unprecedented inflation, the price of everything is going up – including cannabis. But is the premium-priced herb worth the hype?

by   |   October 10, 2022

Did you know how cannabis companies dispose of product waste?

Cannabis companies must be careful how they dispose of their product waste because it could harm the environment. There are a few different ways that cannabis companies dispose of their product waste that are highlighted in this article.

by   |   October 05, 2022

Embracing Nature: Low-Tech Outdoor Cannabis

In times of financial trial, low-tech, outdoor cannabis may have a leg-up on the competition.

by   |   September 23, 2022

Cannabis Irrigation Technology for Each Growing Method

Irrigation systems can help simplify watering schedules for commercial grows, but choosing a system depends on the growing method.

by   |   September 21, 2022

Mastering Light Recipes and Cannabis Grow Spectra

Getting the right light recipe for a cannabis grow can be tricky, and taking a one size fits all approach to lighting is detrimental to yield and creates energy waste. Considering photoperiods and spectra is a meticulous must.

by   |   September 20, 2022

Growing Cannabis in the Age of Digital Horticulture

A Look at Cultivation Sensors and Crop Monitoring Programs

by   |   September 03, 2022

High-Tech Cannabis Grow Systems Simplify Growing At Home

[2022] Ultimate guide to personal cannabis indoor grow systems, automated grow boxes, home grow systems, DIY grow tents, and new grow closets powered by crypto.

by   |   August 18, 2022

A Look at Full-Spectrum Lighting

Of the many environmental factors impacting the growth and development of the cannabis plant, light is one of the most important.

by   |   July 28, 2022

Infiltrating Oklahoma Cannabis with Hollywood Undead & Ramshead

Jorel Decker, vocalist for Hollywood Undead, and his business partner, Richard Yarber, join this week’s podcast to talk about Ramshead and Oklahoma Cannabis.

by   |   June 24, 2022

A Compliance Expert’s Guide on How to Prevent Contamination

Cannabis compliance expert, Kim Stuck, reveals what growers and government can do to prevent and mitigate contamination in cannabis facilities and products.

by   |   June 11, 2022

7 Curing Technologies Solutions for Better Cannabis

Curing cannabis can be a logistic nightmare for both hemp and marijuana growers. But these seven companies are yielding a better experience for both growers and consumers.

by   |   June 01, 2022

Competing with Synthetics in a Yield-Driven Cannabis Market

Staying organic when the competition isn’t.

by   |   May 07, 2022

USDA Releases Hemp Valuation

The long-anticipated survey brings uncertainty to hemp farmers.

by   |   April 28, 2022

The Most Important Factors When Choosing a Cannabis Grow Light

With so many manufacturers, choosing the right lights can be daunting. Let's review a few factors that can help narrow the playing field.

by   |   April 08, 2022

Legacy to Legal: How Tech Helped the Transition

Head Cultivator at Grizzly Peak, Gonzalo Soto shares his experience building a new legacy for his family in the legal cannabis space.

by   |   April 04, 2022

Innovative Grow House Designs for the Future

A look at the future of indoor agriculture.

by   |   March 21, 2022

Ready to Cross Over? LEDs Set to Outpace HPS on Nearly Every Front

Economic and environmental efficiency make LEDs the new gold lighting standard for cannabis industry growers.

by   |   February 03, 2022

Three Eco-Friendly Methods of Cannabis Cultivation

Growing cannabis better starts with understanding the various methods for eco-friendly cannabis. Outdoor, indoor, and specialized techniques contribute to producing a commercial cannabis crop and reduce the carbon footprint.

by   |   January 19, 2022

How to Harness the Darkness: A Practical Look at Light DEP for Cannabis Cultivation

Understanding how light deprivation, or light DEP, can affect cannabis cultivation.

by   |   December 08, 2021

How Cannabis Cultivation Has Changed Over the Last 40 Years

Decade by decade, cannabis cultivation continues to evolve. Here's a look through history at four decades of innovation.