by   |   June 24, 2022

A Compliance Expert’s Guide on How to Prevent Contamination

Cannabis compliance expert, Kim Stuck, reveals what growers and government can do to prevent and mitigate contamination in cannabis facilities and products.

by   |   June 22, 2022

How to Prevent Bud Rot Using Dehumidifiers

Bud rot, which develops under humid conditions, is a prevalent fungal disease.

by   |   June 11, 2022

7 Curing Technologies Solutions for Better Cannabis

Curing cannabis can be a logistic nightmare for both hemp and marijuana growers. But these seven companies are yielding a better experience for both growers and consumers.

by   |   June 03, 2022

Biological Crop Steering the Next Step in Controlled Cultivation

Biological crop steering takes cannabis cultivation to a new level.

by   |   June 01, 2022

Competing with Synthetics in a Yield-Driven Cannabis Market

Staying organic when the competition isn’t.

by   |   May 24, 2022

How Humidity Affects Grow Room Energy Efficiency

What’s the most efficient way to control humidity in cannabis grow rooms? Humidity control is a necessary part of cannabis cultivation, but different dehumidification methods have different energy requirements.

by   |   May 07, 2022

USDA Releases Hemp Valuation

The long-anticipated survey brings uncertainty to hemp farmers.

by   |   April 28, 2022

The Most Important Factors When Choosing a Cannabis Grow Light

With so many manufacturers, choosing the right lights can be daunting. Let's review a few factors that can help narrow the playing field.

by   |   April 08, 2022

Legacy to Legal: How Tech Helped the Transition

Head Cultivator at Grizzly Peak, Gonzalo Soto shares his experience building a new legacy for his family in the legal cannabis space.

by   |   April 04, 2022

Innovative Grow House Designs for the Future

A look at the future of indoor agriculture.

by   |   March 21, 2022

Ready to Cross Over? LEDs Set to Outpace HPS on Nearly Every Front

Economic and environmental efficiency make LEDs the new gold lighting standard for cannabis industry growers.

by   |   February 03, 2022

Three Eco-Friendly Methods of Cannabis Cultivation

Growing cannabis better starts with understanding the various methods for eco-friendly cannabis. Outdoor, indoor, and specialized techniques contribute to producing a commercial cannabis crop and reduce the carbon footprint.

by   |   January 19, 2022

How to Harness the Darkness: A Practical Look at Light DEP for Cannabis Cultivation

Understanding how light deprivation, or light DEP, can affect cannabis cultivation.

by   |   December 08, 2021

How Cannabis Cultivation Has Changed Over the Last 40 Years

Decade by decade, cannabis cultivation continues to evolve. Here's a look through history at four decades of innovation.

by   |   November 17, 2021

How Grow Lights Have Grown Up - A Look at the Evolution of Cannabis Lighting Technologies

As the most significant expense in indoor growing, let’s look at how grow lights have evolved over the past few decades.

by   |   November 03, 2021

Harvesting Cannabis – Is Wet or Dry Trimming Better?

Trimming cannabis is a critical step in the process regardless of which method you choose. Learn about dry vs. wet trimming here!

by   |   October 25, 2021

New Odor Control Technology for Cannabis Cultivation

To keep neighbors and regulators happy, operators must find better solutions to cannabis cultivation's odor problem. Can new odor control technologies solve this growing issue?

by   |   October 22, 2021

Top 3 Technology Innovations Cannabis Cultivators Should Embrace

These cannabis cultivation technologies enable operators to scale, increase profit margins, and stay competitive.

by   |   October 13, 2021

The Best Non-Pesticide Cannabis Pest Solutions

Eliminating pests doesn’t have to start with hazardous chemicals.

by   |   September 23, 2021

Cultivation Dehumidification

Humidity impacts cannabis cultivation at every growth stage, but how much is too much?