by   |   March 15, 2023

Chromium in Rolling Papers

How much is too much? Striking a balance between consumer safety & regulation.

by   |   March 09, 2023

What You Need to Know About New California Cannabis Regulations

California cannabis regulations shifted in 2023, here's what changed.

by   |   January 02, 2023

CBD Headlines Signal Changes Coming to Hemp

With federal legalization comes federal regulation.

by   |   June 24, 2022

A Compliance Expert’s Guide on How to Prevent Contamination

Cannabis compliance expert, Kim Stuck, reveals what growers and government can do to prevent and mitigate contamination in cannabis facilities and products.

by   |   February 22, 2022

Compliant Advertising with a Programmatic Solution for Cannabis Retail

As a cannabis retailer, a key pillar of any business plan is the advertising strategy. Yet even in the age of legalization, navigating compliant marketing remains a challenge.

by   |   June 18, 2021

Why Regulation, Compliance, and Testing Matter in Cannabis

Although rules may be a foreign concept to a once illicit market, history has proven that regulations in agriculture, food production, and pharmaceuticals are critical for consumer safety, and the same is true for cannabis and hemp.

by   |   December 29, 2020

Technologies for Scaling Cultivation and Staying Compliant

Complexities of a highly regulated industry create challenges when scaling up production.

by   |   October 12, 2018

New Technologies Help Cannabis Business Meet Compliance

Testing requirements and regulations are continuing to pinch many California cannabis producers. Emerald Test and Labvantage are two companies stepping up to help the industry get testing standards under control.

by   |   July 18, 2018

7 Best Practices for Effective Cannabis Compliance Programs

Implementing the correct procedures will not only help you excel when it comes to compliance, but will create resiliency for your business.

by   |   July 01, 2018

Keeping up with Regulatory Changes

Summertime in Colorado is known for a vast selection of experiences for the everyday tourist, locals, and someone like myself, a weekend warrior. There are so many things happening at any given moment in our state to indulge in. However, for some of us, summertime in Colorado also represents regulation implementation dates. Such as July 1, as it seems almost every summer there is a new packaging or labeling rule to adhere to and the beginning of Colorado’s State licensing authority summer rule-making sessions.

by   |   May 14, 2018

11 Reasons to Go Digital with your Compliance Documents

The cannabis industry moves fast. Licensed business owners and their employees are expected to move even faster when it comes to keeping up with myriad burdensome compliance requirements. The industry itself is one of the most regulated currently in existence. In an effort to keep tabs on cannabis businesses; state, local, and some federal regulatory agencies expect us to create and utilize countless specific documents. We can also expect such agencies to request reviews of these items when necessary and at their whim.