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by   |   September 22, 2020

The Science of Cannabis Genomics

Advanced genetics and genomic fingerprinting in cannabis research.

by   |   June 30, 2020

Defining Genetic Drift in Cannabis Cultivation

Growing a consistent, high-quality crop relies on understanding the science behind the plant.

by   |   June 15, 2020

DNA Analysis: A Roadmap for Cannabis Safety

Len May, CEO of EndoCanna Health joins us today to discuss the dynamics of DNA analysis and cannabis consumption, as we review real DNA results from our host, Kristina Etter.

by   |   May 28, 2020

Radiofrequency Patent Kills Microbial Life, Keeps Terpenes and THC Intact

Patented RF technology shows promise for cannabis and hemp decontamination.

by   |   May 21, 2020

Identifying and Removing Fungal Pathogens in Cannabis

In the cannabis industry, the need for safe, effective, and cost-efficient fungicide removal is acute. Regardless of growing environments or conditions, fungi spores can infect cannabis plants easily and spread their poisons quickly.

by   |   May 19, 2020

Nanotechnology in Cannabis: Hot Technology, but is it Safe?

Is adding another variable to an equation of unknowns safe?

by   |   May 18, 2020

Personalized Medicine, Transforming Cannabis from Weed to Resource

Cannabinoid science and technology show unlimited potential in personalized medicines.

by   |   April 15, 2020

How Cannabis Leaders Can Move into Personalized Medicine

Personalized cannabinoid formulations could be the future of cannabis supplementation.

by   |   April 10, 2020

Why the World Needs Hemp Plastic… Now

Hemp plastic is increasingly becoming a viable option as an eco-friendly alternative to carbon-based plastic. Not only is this bioplastic sourced from safe and sustainable hemp plants, but it is also typically both biodegradable and recyclable.

by   |   March 09, 2020

Epigenetics Technology Creates High-Yield Mega-Cannabis

Cann10, a medical cannabis company, has partnered with biotech company Epigenetics on a quest to create a new breed of “mega-cannabis” that is easier to cultivate and produces higher yields.

by   |   February 24, 2020

Researching CBD – Looking for Limits

Unbiased scientific research means looking for benefits, as well as risks.

by   |   February 18, 2020

Partnerships & Patents: Cannabinoid-Based Medicine in Oncology

AXIM Biotechnologies, Sapphire Biotech, Inc., gains exclusive license for cancer-fighting patents.

by   |   February 12, 2020

A Growing Demand: Ultrasonic Processors for Cannabis Nanotechnology

Solving bioavailability issues with cannabinoids, nanoemulsion technology and ultrasonic techniques increase product effectiveness.

by   |   January 07, 2020

How Science is Transforming the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis science finally joins forces with modern science after decades of federal embargoes.

by   |   January 06, 2020

Cannabis Technology: 2019 Year in Review

As the cannabis industry enters a new decade, let’s review the biggest tech news of 2019.

by   |   January 04, 2020

THC-O-Acetate: A Quest in Cannabinoid Chemistry

THC-O-Acetate, or ATHC, is said to be two to three times more potent than Delta-9-THC and could soon be available at dispensaries all across Colorado.

by   |   December 30, 2019

The Potential for Hemp is Rich, Diverse, and Proven

Hemp is a cash crop, and savvy producers should have no problem making a profit even without extracting cannabinoids.

by   |   December 23, 2019

Purification Technology Set to Revolutionize Cannabinoid Isolation

From crude oil direct to isolated cannabinoids, this patented purification system is ready to change the game in cannabinoid production.

by   |   December 04, 2019

Vaping Crisis Study Launched by Abstrax Tech

Abstrax Tech, a researcher and producer of botanical and cannabis-derived aroma compounds, has launched itself into the recent vape crisis to help reduce a parallel crisis of misinformation.

by   |   October 25, 2019

How to Use Protein-drying Technology to Preserve Your Cannabis & Hemp

Our host Ellis Smith and guest N'Gai Barbero, of Protein Solutions Group ('PSG'), provide a look at an innovative and unique proteomic processing agent that protects, rapidly dehydrates, and preserves any natural substance without damaging cellular integrity.