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by   |   March 24, 2022

Processing Industrial Hemp Takes Specialized Equipment

Hemp has the potential to produce thousands of products with the proper hemp processing equipment and processing facilities.

by   |   March 22, 2022

Cannabis Packaging Designed for Safety

Compliant packaging means meeting specific safety goals, but are single-use plastics the only way?

by   |   March 21, 2022

Ready to Cross Over? LEDs Set to Outpace HPS on Nearly Every Front

Economic and environmental efficiency make LEDs the new gold lighting standard for cannabis industry growers.

by   |   March 18, 2022

How to Make Wood from Hemp: An Amazing Carbon-Zero Magic Trick

Greg Wilson with HempWood shares the secrets to creating one of the world's strongest, most eco-friendly building materials.

by   |   March 16, 2022

Problem Solving in Cannabis Cultivation Begins with Detailed Data

Sensors and IoT provide the complex data necessary for troubleshooting and problem-solving in a cannabis grow.

by   |   March 15, 2022

Navigating the Supply Chain Crisis

A system already crippled by a global pandemic, prepares for another sucker punch as the Russian War on Ukraine escalates.

by   |   March 11, 2022

Can NFTs Chart a Sustainable Course for Cannabis and Cryptocurrency?

Cannabis NFTs emphasize industry dilemmas and new solutions for a more sustainable future.

by   |   March 09, 2022

Top 3 Ways to Use Your Tech Degree in Cannabis

Cannabis has evolved from the “stoner” stereotype and is now acknowledged as an industry needing jacks of all trades - particularly in technology careers.

by   |   March 07, 2022

ERP in the Cannabis Industry

As the size and scale of the companies in the cannabis industry grow, organizations will obtain a more sophisticated workforce that has expectations about the tools or work enhancements they need to perform.

by   |   March 04, 2022

Understanding the Processes for Post-Harvest Conditioning in Industrial Hemp

Post-harvest conditioning for fiber hemp.

by   |   March 03, 2022

Is Smartphone Cannabis Impairment Detection Feasible?

Can your smartphone determine if you are intoxicated from cannabis?

by   |   March 02, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War: Things You Need to Know

Information is provided by Ukrainian company - AskGrowers, which is based in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv.

by   |   March 01, 2022

Smart Cannabis - Environment Sensors Provide Cultivators Deep Intelligence

Smart technology is providing unprecendented insight for farmers.

by   |   February 25, 2022

Is the World Ready for Amazon Cannabis Delivery?

We've seen it in the news - Amazon is relaxing its stance on cannabis. But is cannabis ready for Amazon?

by   |   February 23, 2022

How Smartphone Apps Are Making Cannabis Investing Easy

Investment apps are making playing the stock market more effortless than ever. Here is a guide to investing in cannabis stocks at any level and budget.

by   |   February 22, 2022

Compliant Advertising with a Programmatic Solution for Cannabis Retail

As a cannabis retailer, a key pillar of any business plan is the advertising strategy. Yet even in the age of legalization, navigating compliant marketing remains a challenge.

by   |   February 18, 2022

Herbonomics: The Economics of the Herb

In this second episode of Herbonomics on Cannabis Tech, we speak Beau Whitney, a global leader in cannabis and hemp economics, and the namesake for our new podcast.

by   |   February 17, 2022

Dear Hemp: It’s Not About the Competition

No, the regulated marijuana industry is in no way threatened by the rise of Delta-8 THC. However, many are perplexed by it.

by   |   February 16, 2022

Is CRISPR Technology Driving the Future of Cannabis Cultivation?

Advances in medical technology and cannabis legalization across the US are driving the growth of the medical cannabis industry. But could bioengineering push cannabis cultivators out of the market?

by   |   February 15, 2022


Record-keeping, regulations, rules, reports and relationships - 5 key strategies for METRC in Michigan.