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by   |   May 17, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis and Hemp

While law enforcement struggles with ambiguous laws, from North America to Africa and even China, hemp and cannabis are expanding and creating an unprecedented opportunity all around the world.

by   |   May 16, 2019

Millennials Take Leap into Legal Cannabis

As a millennial herself, Natalie Shaul, VP of Marketing of springbig, a technology company who services the cannabis industry, spoke to Cannabis Tech about the exponential job growth in cannabis for millennials and everyone else.

by   |   May 15, 2019

The Amazing World of Hemp: Big Fashion Eyes Hemp Textiles

In part two of our series of the amazing world of hemp, we explore how hemp textiles are evolving and big fashion is taking a second look.

by   |   May 14, 2019

Draconis Extraction Technologies: Bringing Commercial and Industrial Scale Systems to Cannabis

A steadily rising demand in hemp and cannabis extracts means industrial-scale processing is on the horizon. We spoke to the leadership team at Draconis Extraction Technologies to talk about the future.

by   |   May 13, 2019

The Amazing World of Hemp: Hempcrete - the Most Sustainable Building Material on Earth

Building materials, textiles, and plastics, in this 3-part series, we'll explore some of the ways hemp is set to change the world.

by   |   May 10, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis and Hemp

Tis the season! Spring legislation paves a bright outlook for hemp, Colorado cannabis sees several new opportunities blossom, and USPTO makes changes to support industrial hemp.

by   |   May 09, 2019

Innovation in the Small Batch Extraction Market

The home extraction industry has rapidly grown in recent years due to the introduction of ethanol-based extraction methods. Now, company ExtractCraft is back with a new product specifically aimed at small commercial use, which is proving to be a game changer for the hemp and cannabis industries.

by   |   May 08, 2019

Hemp Expos Bring a Wealth of Benefits

Education, networking, and an opportunity to explore the booming marketing, hemp-centered conferences and expos are on the rise all around the world.

by   |   May 07, 2019

Data Matters: Best Practices for Producing a Consistent Crop

With the popularity of indoor cultivation, grow environments are becoming easier than ever to regulate. Learn what data needs to be collected to ensure production of the same high-quality crop over multiple harvests.

by   |   May 06, 2019

Cannabistry Labs: R&D for Cannabis IP

In this episode of A Tech Moment, we speak with Julie Raque, VP of Marketing for Cannabistry Labs about the new opportunities within cannabis, their R&D initiatives, product innovation and the process of bringing dynamic brands to the consumer cannabis market.

by   |   May 03, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis and Hemp

Mexico takes center stage this week with plans for full legalization, UK professor urges physicians to embrace cannabis, an investor and philanthropist gives financial aid to further cannabis research in the US.

by   |   May 01, 2019

Clinical Research Underway on Cannabis Edibles in Canada

Supported by Health Canada, KGK Science is performing clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of cannabis edibles.

by   |   April 30, 2019

Choosing the Right Extraction Method

Extracts helped evolve the cannabis industry, but not all extracts are created equal. Extraction methods matter when producing high-quality cannabis and hemp products.

by   |   April 29, 2019

New Commodity Exchange Platform PanXchange Set to Revolutionize the Hemp Industry

In this episode of A Tech Moment, we speak with Julie Lerner, CEO and founder of PanXchange, about how online platforms will heavily influence the future of commodity trading within the hemp industry.

by   |   April 26, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis and Hemp - April 26th

Multi-million-dollar partnerships, a first glance at 4/20 sales data, and hemp gains momentum from state to state.

by   |   April 24, 2019

The Evolution of Merchant Services for the Hemp Industry

Stunning many CBD retailers, Elavon and US Bank recently decided the hemp industry is still too high-risk for comfort.

by   |   April 23, 2019

How To Boost Hemp Production Using Multispectral Imagery

In this episode of American Cannabis, MicaSense and Arbor Drone discuss how hemp farmers can gain valuable insight using multispectral imagery with the help of drones.

by   |   April 22, 2019

Meet the World’s First Commercial-Scale Solar Project in Cannabis

In this episode of A Tech Moment, we speak with Tom DiGiovanni, CFO from Canndescent about how their facility implemented solar power to offset energy usage and set the standard for sustainable cannabis.

by   |   April 19, 2019

Weekly News in Cannabis & Hemp - April 19th

Canadian consumers balk at the high price of legalization, a former Israeli Prime Minister joins the industry, and China partners with Israel for medicinal hemp. These stories and more in this week's cannabis and hemp industry headlines.

by   |   April 18, 2019


This week we're speaking to Jason Lupoi, Editor in Chief at Terpenes & Testing Magazine about the upcoming CONCENTRATION 2019.