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by   |   September 10, 2019

How Technology Can Boost the Prospects of Artisan Cannabis

While craft beer producers have worked in the shadows cast by the giant beer companies, in cannabis, small-scale production has dominated from the beginning. The type of specialized production associated with artisan cannabis has long been the rule rather than the exception. More significant players are coming, but artisan cannabis will still have a presence as long as producers continue to meet their customers’ expectations.

by   |   September 06, 2019

Vaping Produces Industry Challenges, Opportunities

Although vaping is often heralded as a cleaner and safer way to ingest nicotine or cannabis, the CDC has reported over 193 instances of severe lung disease in 22 states, all linked to the use of vaporizers. Illinois saw the first death related to these cases, and officials are reporting a second death in Oregon.

by   |   September 05, 2019

The Role of IT Professionals in the Cannabis Industry: A Closer Look

Like any thriving modern industry, cannabis must stay efficient if it expects to remain profitable. In this digitalized age, the role of information technology (IT) is vital to the successful operation of any business, in cannabis or otherwise. Those who are trained in its application and have demonstrated their capacity to perform will be highly sought after, and they will be tasked with solving numerous problems both existing and yet to be imagined.

by   |   September 04, 2019

Augmented Reality

In an atmosphere of high regulation, limited advertising opportunities, and continually evolving legislation, cannabis brands are turning to tech to improve the retail experience. In many markets, most notably in Canada, the sample bud jar and slick packaging have been entirely removed from the retail space. Regulations like these make it near-impossible for consumers to interact with the product they wish to purchase.

by   |   September 03, 2019

Cashless Payment Systems Streamline Cannabis Transactions

Cannabis has a cash problem. Cashless payments may offer the solution.

by   |   September 02, 2019

Selling CBD Online - Secrets to reliable payment processing and quality site traffic

Please join us for a LIVE Tech Moment with Kristina Etter and guest, Ro Bhatia of LimeLight. During this live webcast and Q&A session, we'll discuss the challenges that CBD merchants face in obtaining reliable payment processing.

by   |   September 02, 2019

MedPharm Moves Toward Federal Approval

An interview with Albert Gutierrez, CEO of MedPharm, discussing recent movements by the DEA to move forward with medical cannabis research.

by   |   August 30, 2019

PanXchange State of the Hemp Industry: August 2019

PanXchange provides hemp industry insights, as well as, weather warnings in some regions for August 2019.

by   |   August 29, 2019

Cannabis Colleges on the Climb

As cannabis moves closer toward widespread legalization, more and more colleges are offering programs to prepare graduates for work within the industry. Here we take a look at some of the emerging cannabis degrees and certificates available in the United States.

by   |   August 27, 2019

An Interview with EcoGen Laboratories

Cannabis Tech had the opportunity to sit down with Joseph Nunez, the Co-Founder of EcoGen Laboratories, as well as, Derek Du Chesne, the Chief Growth Officer, to discuss their explosive growth.

by   |   August 26, 2019

Editor’s Choice: The Week in Cannabis & Hemp

From Counterculture to Pop Culture -- cannabis technology and science are moving marijuana mainstream and creating a flurry of opportunities.

by   |   August 25, 2019

Effective Cannabis Pathogen Decontamination Penetration Methods

Join this free webcast to learn how Photonic Decontamination ensures the most effective pathogen decontamination penetration method, while simultaneously maintaining cannabis flower integrity, ensuring no impact on cannabinoids or appearance, and negligible to no impact on terpene levels.

by   |   August 23, 2019

Gavin Kogan Discusses Entering the Cannabis Industry

This week on A Tech Moment, Gavin Kogan of Grupo Flor spoke with Cannabis Tech’s Kristina Etter. Kogan, Chairman of the Board at Grupo Flor and currently working as VP of Government Affairs, is a fierce advocate for entrepreneurs in cannabis. His opinion, however, does not come without caveats.

by   |   August 22, 2019

Cannabis Flavonoids – Part of the Entourage

The national conversation about cannabis has included strain types, cannabinoids, and terpenes, but little public discourse occurred regarding flavonoids.

by   |   August 21, 2019

The Importance of Standards, Regulations, and COAs

By now, it’s not news that the cannabis industry operates without any national or global regulatory oversight. The lack of industry-wide standards or protocols has led to the development of a patchy network of similar, yet unperfected, regulated markets. It's an unstable framework which has led to a frustrating and repeating pattern of scandals, many of which are entirely avoidable.

by   |   August 20, 2019

Gray Terminology, Lack of Technology Cause Trouble for Hemp Shipments

In one of the strongest conservative states of America, cannabis legislation has moved forward through a misunderstanding of taxonomy. Texas has accidentally made it so that it's more difficult to prosecute the possession of cannabis.

by   |   August 16, 2019

Exploring the Cannabinoid Spectrum

If we’ve learned anything at all from the exploration and research advances in cannabis science over the last 30 years, it’s that THC and CBD were just the tip of the iceberg, and many minor cannabinoids are on the rise.

by   |   August 15, 2019

Law Enforcement Slow to Adopt Cannabis Testing Technology

Equipment to measure the presence of THC in individuals exists, but both the police and the public remain critical of their implementation in Michigan.

by   |   August 14, 2019

What Role Do Biologists Play in the Cannabis Industry? 

With the industry expanding and the demand for cannabis continues to grow, the need for STEM experience and knowledge grows with it.

by   |   August 13, 2019

Online Marketing for Cannabis Companies

The cannabis industry is continually evolving and is now considered by many to be at the cusp of mainstream adoption. Over the past few years, there has been an influx of startup companies, seeking to innovate and claim their stake in the budding market.