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by   |   June 25, 2021

Testing for Integrity: Ethics in Cannabis and Hemp Labs

A lack of cohesive testing standards and a push for potency creates the perfect storm for consumer deception and cannabis and hemp analysis fraud.

by   |   June 21, 2021

Fighting Fires: Help for West Coast Cannabis Farmers

When an industry is taxed the most and helped the least, it takes a community to help when disaster strikes.

by   |   June 18, 2021

Why Regulation, Compliance, and Testing Matter in Cannabis

Although rules may be a foreign concept to a once illicit market, history has proven that regulations in agriculture, food production, and pharmaceuticals are critical for consumer safety, and the same is true for cannabis and hemp.

by   |   June 16, 2021

Partners in Cannabis Research

Consumer research is finally gaining momentum. In this podcast, we talk with Dr. Jeff Chen & Angie Tebbe about their partnership in CBD research.

by   |   June 14, 2021

The Best Smart Grow Apps [2021 Update]

Long gone are the days of cannabis farmers scribbling illegible notes on stained notepads in the grow room. Today there is a growing marketplace of community-driven, expert-developed grow applications for mobile devices. Now, thanks to recent advancements in cloud-based technology, and our increasing obsession with mobile technologies, a cultivator can see everything they need to know about their crop all in one place.

by   |   June 12, 2021

5-High-Paying Tech Jobs in Cannabis

The cannabis industry offers a number of lucrative, high-tech careers.

by   |   June 09, 2021

What are Hemp-based Microfluidics?

Hemp-based microfluidics is a novel idea that could improve the environmental impact and long-term sustainability of the sector.

by   |   June 05, 2021

Lifting the Veil: U.S. Cannabis Research Ramping Up

As cannabis research restrictions loosen, we can only expect what we know about cannabis to grow exponentially in the coming years.

by   |   June 04, 2021

Advances in Cannabis Genomics

The cannabis genome is exceptionally complicated, evading scientific understanding for decades. Thanks to years of prohibition on the study of cannabis, scientists are just now trying to untangle the complicated nature of this plant's genetic makeup.

by   |   June 01, 2021

Roadblocks in Cannabis

It is no secret that the cannabis industry suffers tragically as it remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance and illegal on a federal level.

by   |   May 28, 2021

Proving the Tech: Consistent Conditions Equal Consistent Cannabis

Case studies from Agrify show why precision ag tech is the future of cannabis.

by   |   May 27, 2021

Taking Advantage of the Big Tech Exodus

Silicon Valley is a bit quieter these days and big tech workers are looking for greener pastures.

by   |   May 25, 2021

A Wave of New Cannabis Legalizations

Only three states in the US lack some form of marijuana reform. New York and Virginia are the latest to approve adult-use cannabis, who's next?

by   |   May 21, 2021

The Environmental Impact of Cannabis

With new industrial cultivation facilities coming online, many with over two million square feet of canopy space, the cannabis sector needs to start considering sustainability.

by   |   May 20, 2021

Crypto, Cannabis and other Financial Opportunities

Cryptocurrency, Blockchains, Tokens, NFT’s are common buzzwords flying around these days. How is crypto helping move cannabis further into the digital age, and what does it mean for the industry?

by   |   May 19, 2021

Where Will Cannabis Technology Be in 5 Years?

The cannabis industry has gained incredible traction over recent years- of this; there is no doubt. But what comes next?

by   |   May 14, 2021

The Full UX of Cannabis

The user experience of cannabis starts long before the sale and lasts well beyond the high.

by   |   May 13, 2021

Quality Control for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis testing labs are among the most profitable and evolving sectors of the cannabis industry, yet more needs to be done to standardize quality control practices for cannabis products and COAs.

by   |   May 10, 2021

Lab-Made Cannabinoids

Moving beyond Delta-8 THC, other rare and minor cannabinoids are filtering into the consumer market with biosynthesis.

by   |   May 05, 2021

Brain Wave Technology Unlocks Cannabis Mysteries

New EEG technology offers insight into the effects of cannabis and opens new doors to understanding consumer differences.