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by   |   January 22, 2020

Sixth Wave Innovation Introduces Affinity™

Dr. Jonathon Gluckman, CEO of Sixth Wave introduces Affinity™ - a new cannabinoid isolation and purification system that resolves many of the issues with legacy chromatography solutions.

by   |   January 21, 2020

Quality Control in Cannabis and Hemp

From farm to lab to finished product, quality control is essential for consistent, clean cannabis products.

by   |   January 20, 2020

Precision Humidity Control in Cannabis Grow Facilities

In the midst of product recalls, dehumidification in commercial cultivation is critical.

by   |   January 18, 2020

Energy Efficient Cannabis Cultivation

Although hydroponic energy consumption data collection has led to recent concern about amounts used, sustainability has taken the driver’s seat in talks with the newest innovations in alternative sources of power.

by   |   January 17, 2020

Cannabis Waste Management: How to Solve the Growing Bio-Waste Problem

The one problem that comes with cannabis industry growth—it creates a whole lot of waste.

by   |   January 16, 2020

Critical Infrastructure: Cannabis Tech Giant Introduces Solutions for Hemp

With the hemp industry (and therefore CBD) coming online in 2019, regulation of the plant has become a tangled knot of taxes, quality controls, and strict monitoring.

by   |   January 15, 2020

What is Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) in Cannabis Cultivation?

Analyzing VPD in cannabis cultivation allows growers more control over their plants by giving the growers insight into the growth cycle of their plant.

by   |   January 14, 2020

What Happens When Scientists Feed Cannabinoids to Bees?

By teaming up with honeybees, Professor Dedi Meiri from the Israel Institute of Technology, PhytoPharma International, is extracting and enhancing cannabinoids with a very non-technical method.

by   |   January 13, 2020

Electric Hemp Vehicles for Africa’s Rideshare Market

ALYI is targeting to raise $100 million to fund the infrastructure for its electric hemp vehicle production in Africa on top of its current $300 million electric vehicle developments in the continent.

by   |   January 10, 2020

Cannabis Technology Censored by CES

Cannabis Tech spoke with Philip Wilkins, CEO of Keep, about the controversy at CES.

by   |   January 09, 2020

Cannabis Tech Startups Who Gained Attention in 2019

The last couple of years have been fruitful in terms of bringing the truth about the benefits of medicinal cannabis to mass media. What the research confirmed painted a much clearer picture for everyone, making creative people everywhere put their tech knowledge to good use.

by   |   January 08, 2020

What are Acidic Cannabinoids?

As precursors to the cannabinoids we know, what exactly are acidic cannabinoids, what are the benefits, and how can the industry capitalize on the lesser-known compounds?

by   |   January 07, 2020

How Science is Transforming the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis science finally joins forces with modern science after decades of federal embargoes.

by   |   January 06, 2020

Cannabis Technology: 2019 Year in Review

As the cannabis industry enters a new decade, let’s review the biggest tech news of 2019.

by   |   January 04, 2020

THC-O-Acetate: A Quest in Cannabinoid Chemistry

THC-O-Acetate, or ATHC, is said to be two to three times more potent than Delta-9-THC and could soon be available at dispensaries all across Colorado.

by   |   January 03, 2020

In the Era of Information, Cannabis Media in High Demand

Technology has changed the way we learn. Enlighten changes the way we learn about cannabis.

by   |   January 02, 2020

Skyrocketing Demand for Legal Cannabis

When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.

by   |   January 01, 2020

Affinity Cannabinoid Purification Set to Revolutionize the Industry

Join this webcast to learn about patented cannabinoid purification technology that targets and pinpoints specific cannabinoids directly from crude cannabis oil.

by   |   December 31, 2019

What is Cannabicyclol (CBL)?

Cannabicyclol (CBL), a minor cannabinoid, synthesizes as cannabis ages.

by   |   December 30, 2019

The Potential for Hemp is Rich, Diverse, and Proven

Hemp is a cash crop, and savvy producers should have no problem making a profit even without extracting cannabinoids.