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by   |   December 09, 2020

Cannabis Acetylation

Laboratory-produced cannabinoids.

by   |   December 07, 2020

Plant Medicine Expands into New Realms

From Cannabis to Mycology, Damon Michaels of Mydecine talks about his transition with Genifer Murray on Inside the Industry.

by   |   December 04, 2020

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Energy Rebates & Incentives for Cannabis Operations

Act now, these programs won't last forever!

by   |   December 03, 2020

Cannabis Research Increasing Across the Globe

Legalization continues to increase opportunities for cannabis research.

by   |   December 02, 2020

PanXchange Hemp Market Reports – November 2020

In this month’s PanXchange episode, Tom Dermody steps in for RJ Hopp to discuss developments in the hemp markets.

by   |   December 01, 2020

Is Cloud-Based Data Storage Right For Your Grow?

Data is king, but data storage can be complex.

by   |   December 01, 2020

In a Global Cannabis Market, U.S. Can No Longer Lead, Must Follow

Crippled by federal legalization, or lack thereof, the US cannabis industry is losing ground in the international market.

by   |   November 30, 2020

Canada Invading US Cannabis Sector: 2020 Mergers and Acquisitions

The reckoning of 2020.

by   |   November 26, 2020

Cannabis Grading Systems and Wholesale Marketplaces

As with any business or industry, problems create the potential for solutions.

by   |   November 24, 2020

Is It Time to Invest in Cannabis Tech?

Investors would do well to carefully consider how technologies can reduce friction from production through the point of sale while also anticipating burgeoning market sectors and considering how a fully legal market might change the value proposition for certain technology platforms. 

by   |   November 23, 2020

New York Attempts to Regulate CBD

New York attempts to regulate CBD oil and hemp extracts with new rules governing the sale and processing of hemp oil in the state.

by   |   November 20, 2020

Cannabis Wins 2020 Election

Cannabis takes the spotlight in 2020 election with some surprise landslides.

by   |   November 19, 2020

Hazards of Drying Ovens and How to Prevent Catastrophe

The increase in drying ovens has also meant an increase in risk for the hemp processor.

by   |   November 17, 2020

AI, Automation, and Robotics in Cannabis

Technology increases efficiency, but can technology go too far?

by   |   November 16, 2020

Delta-8 THC Jumps Thru Legal Loopholes

In the world of law and paper, semantics are king.

by   |   November 13, 2020

Clinical Trial to Test Cannabis Impairment While Driving

The quest continues for accurate cannabis impairment tests.

by   |   November 12, 2020

How Technology is Improving the Customer Experience at Dispensaries

Whether you want to retain a loyal customer in the recreational market, a medical patient, or to simply catch more of the curious newcomers, there is one area of your business that is most likely to determine if you can close the loop to retain the extremely valuable repeat customer.

by   |   November 10, 2020

The Problem with Packaging

Plastics continue to plague the world. Could biodegradable packaging curb a colossal problem?

by   |   November 09, 2020

How Science is Enhancing Cannabis

From cultivation to the consumer, science continues to push cannabis to new highs.

by   |   November 06, 2020

Microwave Drying Technology for Cannabis & Hemp

Rapid drying speeds up processing time, but at what cost?