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by   |   November 08, 2018

Cannabis Cultivation and Solar: Improving Energy Efficiency in the Industry

The cannabis industry’s ecological footprint is not as green as we think, but solar may help.

by   |   November 07, 2018

2018 Midterm Results: Weed Wins!

Whether you’re blue, red, or green - the one thing Americans find themselves agreeing on is cannabis. Cannabis experts reflect on the milestone in our review of the midterms.

by   |   November 07, 2018

Proper Cannabis Curing Critical

Attention to detail can make the difference between average and great cannabis products. Growing cannabis or hemp commercially is a multi-step process, taking a holistic approach.

by   |   November 06, 2018

The Cannabis Contribution

As the unemployment rate in the United States dips to historic lows, growth in the legal cannabis market could indicate an unprecedented opportunity.

by   |   November 05, 2018

7 Notable Cannabis Headlines - 10/29 Weekly Recap

The world cannabis market is gaining momentum. Check out these 7 headlines from the global cannabis market last week!

by   |   November 02, 2018

How Employees Can Make or Break Your Company: Finding and Keeping the Right Team for Your Cannabis Business

Jenny Germano, at ICS Consulting, discusses the high cost of employee turnover and what cannabis businesses can do to battle the talent drain.

by   |   October 31, 2018

Getting Your Cannabis Grow Off to a Great Start

There’s nothing a cannabis cultivator enjoys more than harvesting the dense, fragrant buds at the end of a successful grow. However, getting there takes a touch of finesse, as well as an understanding of basic plant biology. Getting the early parts of the growing process right is essential to reaping a dream yield.

by   |   October 30, 2018

Cannabis in Asia: Division Spreading Across the Region

A first of its kind in Asia, the Cannabis Investor Symposium in Hong Kong is just around the corner. Although stringent cannabis laws prevent cannabis consumption in most Asian countries, signs show attitudes may be slowly shifting.

by   |   October 29, 2018

7 Notable Cannabis Headlines - 10/22 Weekly Recap

From edible-eating Senators, disappointing NYSE debuts, increased job opportunities, and more - check out these 7 can't-miss cannabis headlines from the week of October 22nd.

by   |   October 25, 2018

Fohse: Surpassing the Sun

As James Bradley and his associates ended one project in Las Vegas, they were left seeking a new opportunity. With a philosophy that perfection is not a destination, but a journey – he and his team set out to revolutionize LED lighting systems and join the momentum in a budding industry.

by   |   October 24, 2018

Blockchain for Global Supply Chain Management of Cannabis

The benefits of blockchain technology as applied to the global supply chain are threefold: traceability, efficiency, and compliance. It's why it makes inherent sense to apply blockchain technology to the many emerging cannabis markets around the globe.

by   |   October 15, 2018

The Crowded World of Cannabis POS Systems

In short order, Canadian’s will be enjoying the sweet smell of cannabis out in the open. With the federal government essentially allowing unfettered access to the plant through online, mail order, and in-store sales, it’s a move set to launch the trajectory of many other peripheral industries as well.

by   |   October 15, 2018

Developing a strong culture focused on compliance

Exploring just what compliance means for the industry, and how business leaders can foster a healthy culture within their own companies.

by   |   October 15, 2018

From Crisis to Cannabis

Cannabis impacts people’s lives in profound ways. For many, their personal stories of success and survival lead to passionate careers in the cannabis industry.

by   |   October 12, 2018

New Technologies Help Cannabis Business Meet Compliance

Testing requirements and regulations are continuing to pinch many California cannabis producers. Emerald Test and Labvantage are two companies stepping up to help the industry get testing standards under control.

by   |   October 11, 2018

Kadence International Survey Says Cannabis Consumers Not So Different

In this Cultivate webcast, Genifer Murray sits down with Miriam Konz, Managing Director for Kadence’s Boston office, to talk about the results from a recent survey aimed to understand cannabis consumers better.

by   |   October 09, 2018

Seniors Signal Shift in Cannabis Market

As the cannabis industry matures, so is its clientele. While the consumer demographic is still slightly skewed towards the twenty-somethings, an influx of baby boomers could be changing the cannabis landscape.

by   |   October 09, 2018

ATACH – Lobbying for Legalization

In this week’s episode of Cultivate, Genifer Murray speaks with Michael Bronstein, Co-Founder, and Lead Consultant for the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH).

by   |   October 05, 2018

Efficient Cryogenic Method of Extracting Total Cannabinoids Using an Integrated Extractor

Plant extraction, practiced for centuries, removes impurities and separates particular elements from plants.

by   |   October 03, 2018

A Glass Reactor Offers Many Advantages to Processing Cannabis Oil

By Streamlining the Pesticide Remediation Process Cannabis Producers Achieve a Superior Product