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The Evolution of Merchant Services for the Hemp Industry

Stunning many CBD retailers, Elavon and US Bank recently decided the hemp industry is still too high-risk for comfort.

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How To Boost Hemp Production Using Multispectral Imagery

Join this live webcast to learn how you can capture data that is critical to producing high-quality crops.

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Meet the World’s First Commercial-Scale Solar Project in Cannabis

In this episode of A Tech Moment, we speak with Tom DiGiovanni, CFO from Canndescent about how their facility implemented solar power to offset energy usage and set the standard for sustainable cannabis.

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Weekly News in Cannabis & Hemp - April 19th

Canadian consumers balk at the high price of legalization, a former Israeli Prime Minister joins the industry, and China partners with Israel for medicinal hemp. These stories and more in this week's cannabis and hemp industry headlines.

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This week we're speaking to Jason Lupoi, Editor in Chief at Terpenes & Testing Magazine about the upcoming CONCENTRATION 2019.

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How an Israeli Startup Solved the Medical Cannabis Dosage Problem

One of the biggest challenges that the medical cannabis industry has been trying to solve is known as the reproducibility problem. That is, how can we ensure patients receive a controlled quantity of medical cannabis with each dosage they take?

by   |   April 15, 2019

Changing How the World Grows

Whether you're a rancher needing fodder for your cattle, a veggie producer who wants year-round crops, or a hemp grower looking for a more controlled growing environment, BioGen AG Systems has the solution.

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Cannabis Facility Design - Get Built & Licensed Quickly!

Learn this architecture team's approach to taking your business idea to built reality safely, predictably and efficiency.

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Weekly News in Cannabis - April 11th

Germany gives green light to Canadian cannabis growers, US banking get support from Treasury Secretary, and the Robinsons are headed to Nova Scotia.

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How The Cannabis Industry Can Streamline Procurement For More Profitable Operations

Managing, tracking and controlling expenses and spend in the cannabis industry is critical to ultimate success.

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Vape Devices Evolve for Improved Performance

The technology for cannabis and hemp vaping is evolving to meet consumer demand.

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Social Forums Provide Big Data Insights for Academic Research

Researchers from CSU-Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research are using discussion forums and artificial intelligence to create social support for rehabilitation.

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Weekly News in Cannabis - April 5th

Hemp is sweeping across the US - a good thing for bees, but a challenge for police. These stories and more in this week's headline review.

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Top 6 Benefits to Using Rosin Extraction Technology for Processing Facilities

Solventless extractions are simple, efficient, and safe... and in high demand.

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A Fundamental Shift in Extraction Mentality

With the recent launch of the Mile High Monster, Mile High Labs is seeking to bridge the gap between rising consumer demand for CBD oil and the lagging supply.

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How to Make Sense of a Grow Light Datasheet

Choosing the right luminaire is critical to the success of any grow operation.The absence of standardization among datasheets means a wide variety of metrics are reported - only some of which are useful.

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Weekly News in Cannabis - March 29th

Hemp and CBD are in high demand, can cultivators keep up? If not, are yeast-created cannabinoids the answer? Meanwhile, digital payments also seeing a boost from the cannabis sector and three cannabis stocks are heating up.

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Wisp Vaporizer Readies for Summer Relaunch

Wisp brings sophistication, elegance, and ease to cannabis consumption. Cannabis Tech reached out to Greg James, Senior VP of Sales at CannaKorp to talk about their acquisition by Target Group, and what’s in store for Wisp.

by   |   March 26, 2019

Advancing Cannabis Knowledge: Lessons from ICR 2019

Colorado State University-Pueblo, Institute of Cannabis Research hosted their annual academic conference regarding advances in cannabis science and technology. Cannabis Tech’s Kristina Etter attended the Sunday session for a first-hand perspective of cannabis advances from the researchers themselves.

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Weekly News in Cannabis - March 22nd, 2019

Israel, Greece, Canada, and the US all make headlines in a growing global industry.