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HU-580 - Cannabidiolic Acid Methyl Ester

New discoveries continue to uncover the seemingly limitless potential of cannabinoid therapies.

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Cannabinoids for Food Preservation

New research could open a world of opportunities for cannabinoids in food production.

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3 Ways to Grow Your Canna-business Online to Maximize Returns

Just as you grow plants, you can grow online. Here are three ways to take your business from seed to excellence online.

by   |   January 12, 2021

PanXchange 2020 Year End Hemp Market Report

PanXchange glances back at 2020, maintains conservative outlook for 2021.

by   |   January 08, 2021

Revisiting the Evolution of Cultivation IoT

Environmental consistency is necessary for quality cannabis. IoT technology improves control and monitoring capabilities.

by   |   January 06, 2021

Cannabis Industry Predictions for 2021

Noah Miller, CEO of Black Dog LED weighs in on the coming year.

by   |   January 04, 2021

3 Greatest Moments in the History of Cannabis Science

The moments in cannabis science that changed history.

by   |   January 01, 2021

2021: Investing in Cannabis

Matt Carr from the Oxford Club returns to discuss cannabis investing in the new year.

by   |   December 31, 2020

3 Cannabis Trends Worth Noting from 2020

A few prominent trends predicted for 2020, which have now become a reality.

by   |   December 29, 2020

Technologies for Scaling Cultivation and Staying Compliant

Complexities of a highly regulated industry create challenges when scaling up production.

by   |   December 26, 2020

5 CBD Product Trends to Avoid

Potato chips, fingernail polish, and activewear... products capitalizing on the CBD hype.

by   |   December 23, 2020

2020’s Top Hemp Stories

This last year started with big expectations for the hemp industry.

by   |   December 22, 2020

China Opening Up Trade Relations Through CBD

While the relationship between China and the west were strained over the last year, CBD provides some common ground.

by   |   December 18, 2020

Greenhouse Operation Merges Mother Nature & Technology

Graham Farrar from Glass House Group shares insights from his sun-grown, ocean-grown greenhouse operation in Santa Barbara, California.

by   |   December 17, 2020

Natural Solutions to the Hemp Borer Problem

Hemp Borer infestation can cause catastrophic crop loss and a low-tech approach is often the best.

by   |   December 15, 2020

UN Reclassifies Cannabis: Impacts US and Global Economy

Across the globe, the perspective on cannabis continues to change.

by   |   December 11, 2020

Health Insurance for Cannabis is a Modern Must

As more people find medical benefit from cannabis will insurance companies ever support plant-based medicine?

by   |   December 10, 2020

Cannabis Testing Solutions for the Home Grower

Home growers need lab analysis, too.

by   |   December 09, 2020

Cannabis Acetylation

Laboratory-produced cannabinoids.

by   |   December 07, 2020

Plant Medicine Expands into New Realms

From Cannabis to Mycology, Damon Michaels of Mydecine talks about his transition with Genifer Murray on Inside the Industry.