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The Future of Profiling Cannabis: Interview with Matt Sampson

Matt talks about cultivation profiling from the past, the present, and what it could look like in the future

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Playing the Long Game: Interview with Greg Gamet

CannabisTech’s Rob Neely was able to speak with cannabis entrepreneur Greg Gamet about the ins and outs of today's cannabis industry. In 2017, Greg was awarded the Cannabis Industry Compliance Executive of the Year and currently serves as Chief Cannabis Officer at Gold Flora, located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Join us, as we discuss Greg's path to where he is today, and where he sees the cannabis industry headed.

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How to Grow Cannabis Post Legalization

Understanding the basics when considering your own home grow

by   |   June 13, 2018

Achieving Success Through Automation

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, leaving many companies struggling for success, automation has gained growing popularity. Companies are finding that through automation, they can achieve precision, effectiveness and increased profit margins.

by   |   June 13, 2018

Brewing Innovation in the Cannabis Industry

This is not your Daddy’s beer. Province Brands developed their own patent-pending process to create the worlds first beer from cannabis itself.

by   |   June 11, 2018

Consumer Tracking and Analytics Moving to Cannabis Retailers

Cannabis retailers are often left out when it comes to innovations within the industry.

by   |   June 06, 2018

OSRAM Positioned to be the Leading Horticultural Solutions Provider

Osram, the semiconductor manufacturer, sees horticultural lighting as a big part of their future. Will we see more acquisitions like this soon?

by   |   June 05, 2018

Mastering VPD Control for Plentiful Harvests

Why should cannabis growers concern themselves with vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in their grow operation? It is an interesting approach, and while it is definitely an advanced environmental measurement technique, it's worth exploring for indoor grow rooms.

by   |   June 04, 2018

47 Answers To Your Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Questions

During last month's live webcast, our host Ellis Smith and guest Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D., President of Industrial Sonomechanics, answered as many questions as time allowed. The following are answers to the remaining 47!

by   |   May 31, 2018

Cannabis Global Q2 Roundup

Approaching midyear, what are some observations on the cannabis industry from a global perspective for 2018

by   |   May 29, 2018

Can Your Phone Tell If You Are High? The Future of Mobile Sobriety Testing

On the eve of legalization in Canada, there are still many questions swirling around field sobriety tests for cannabis. Just like in other jurisdictions with recreational cannabis, regional police forces are trying to grapple with roadside cannabis intoxication without a federally approved breathalyzer-style test.

by   |   May 24, 2018

The Ripple Effect of BlockStrain Technology

Blockchain technology is best known in the cannabis industry for its implications to the financial sector and the possibilities it presents to get around the red tape of cannabis banking. However, blockchain technology may also present a multitude of possibilities for the agricultural aspects of the industry as well.

by   |   May 23, 2018

Emerging Hemp Technologies & Machinery

Large-scale Hemp production technology and equipment begin with processing and decortication.

by   |   May 21, 2018

Enhancing Cannabis Grows: CO2 Foliar Spray

In a recent press release, CO2 Gro Inc., formerly Blue Ocean Nutrasciences, announced it is moving closer to gaining approval for use of its patented CO2 Foliar Spray by Canadian Licensed Producers (LP) of cannabis. The recent decision by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory agency declares the product does not meet the definition of a pesticide according to the Pest Control Products Act.

by   |   May 17, 2018

Why the Cannabis Industry Needs to Think Tomorrow, Rather Than Today

It’s 2018 and after decades of vehemently persecuting marijuana production, nearly thirty states have legalized the controversial plant in one way or another. A booming demand for regulated and reliable marijuana products has opened new revenue streams within the agricultural industry, but this profit wave has not flowed without its own unique set of regulatory hurdles.

by   |   May 14, 2018

11 Reasons to Go Digital with your Compliance Documents

The cannabis industry moves fast. Licensed business owners and their employees are expected to move even faster when it comes to keeping up with myriad burdensome compliance requirements. The industry itself is one of the most regulated currently in existence. In an effort to keep tabs on cannabis businesses; state, local, and some federal regulatory agencies expect us to create and utilize countless specific documents. We can also expect such agencies to request reviews of these items when necessary and at their whim.

by   |   May 11, 2018

The Battle Over Medical Vapes In Europe

The international battle for medical vapes has now begun in earnest. For those who were unaware of the impending skirmish, the details of this showdown at the vape version of the OK Corral are also nuanced.

by   |   May 10, 2018

Smart Grow Apps

Long gone are the days of cannabis farmers scribbling eligible notes on stained notepads in the grow room, today there is a growing marketplace of community-driven, expert-developed grow applications for mobile devices. Now, thanks to recent advancements in cloud-based technology, and our growing obsession with mobile technologies, a cultivator can see everything they need to know about their crop all in one place.

by   |   May 09, 2018

High-Density Sense and Control Solutions

Taking grow room sensor technology to the next logical step, Urban Gro recently launched a new innovative solution for managing grow room environmental conditions via the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Soleil Technologies incorporates low power sensor products and SaaS technology to provide growers with detailed and timely data about their operation.

by   |   May 08, 2018

Can Mobile Games Actually Help Cannabis Growers?

How sophisticated are cannabis farming simulator games for mobile devices? Depends on which games you're playing.