47 Answers To Your Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Questions

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YOU ASKED - HERE ARE THE ANSWERS: Last month we held a live webcast on Ultrasonic Liquid Processing. During that hour we received over 130 questions from our community; the majority of which we did not have the time to cover live. A BIG thank you to Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D. and President Industrial Sonomechanics, for taking the time to provide us with answers to the remaining questions. https://www.cannabistech.com/webcasts/american-cannabis/ultrasonic-liquid-processing/
Thank you for posting your answers to 47 questions on liquid prcessing. Could you expand on the challenges for labs to recognize the potency of oil-in-water emulsions for beverages.
We have product in 5 states and the labs in some these locations are having difficulty accurately testing potency in the beverages we bring. Here in Colorado they have nailed it. In Nevada they have nailed it but they are unwilling to share methods with other state facilities. The tests come back consistently low even though we are sure the product is properly infused as we use the same sonification and homogenization techniques everywhere.
If you are able to share the methods successful labs use to destabilize and transfer encapsulated oil to the organic solvent phase for analysis we would be able to suggest these methods to labs that are not performing.
Hello Mike -I reached out to Industrial Sonomechanics on your behalf to find an answer. Ultimately they need more information and if you email me your contact ibfo (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) I will put you in touch. Here's what they had to say: Thank you for passing along this comment. I would need to know how they are processing their material to be able to address it: "we use the same sonification and homogenization techniques everywhere".
Specifically, what equipment they are using and as much as they are willing to share about their nanoemulsion itself. How can we get this information?
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