Hemp Stalk?

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What is all this talk of now harnessing the stalk in Hemp. I thought that illegal. Does anyone know how that exactly works?
Check out:


The guy's name is Carell Lehrburger and he's the 'godfather of hemp" -or something like that. Its nice piece breaking the down the technology
Carl Lehrburger is right. You also need to prepare everything to store cannabis. For a long time I studied this topic to start my own business. I read many articles on how best to reprocess and store cannabis. Where to promote it and so on. You can also get acquainted with article , about storing cannibis, it is very useful to know, because with incorrect storage one can simply spoil the goods.
This is an interesting topic.

The focus of my research is on the Hurd from the stalks, since everyone else is competing for the CBDs and Bast Fiber.

My interests include Hempcrete, Hemp Ethanol, and Hemp Bio-plastics.

So many times have I come across people saying that the Hurd is a by-product and only good for animal bedding.

There will be big opportunities for processors who can utilize this undervalued part of the crop.
You need to store cannabis well you need to look at the factors as light, moisture, air, temperature. Recently I've came across article where you can find everything you need to know about storing marijuana.
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