smells like hay

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i have my bud stored in mason jars.i thought i dried them the right way except i did not have a dehumidifier to help me dry them out.i used my old shed that has one room 10'x12'. i put a fan in room with my ladys that cut and hung on string while they were drying for 12 to 15 days and were in a very dark room.the fan was not blowing on the buds just helping the air circulate.after almost 15 days they were getting ready for the jars,it was hot in shed more than i wanted it to be,but i couldn't do anything about this. the shed was my only resource to use for my drying spot i i put them in their jars burping every other day for 1 hour in the morning and 1 in the evening .i did this for 3 weeks before i then put the buds in a groc.bag and stapled it closed for 3 days. they were kept in a cool dark place.back in their jars.every week i opened the tops of jars for 1 hour every other day for a month.i then closed the tops and stored in a cool very dark area and checking on them every week opening the lid of the jars for another hour. now i'm thinking their dryed. until i go check on them 2 months later to find out they all smell like hay.what can i do to save my lady's? Peace
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