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I'm new to this forum and I was curious what kind of IoT devices exist for the cannabis industry?
There are a number of cannabis companies focused on IoT solutions, as it relates to precision agriculture. They utilize a network of devices embedded with sensors and software that exchange data - such as plant sensing, environmental monitoring, machine diagnostics, lighting controls, inventory management, seed-to-sale tracking and even fertigation. Here are a few companies: Urban-Gro, SensorInsight, Braingrid.

The specific sensing devices are manufactured by many companies, such as Libelium out of Spain.
The world of the IoT has definitely found another home within the cannabis industry and another great company to check out is BeWhere. Here are a couple links to some great articles that shine a bit of light on how the IoT is helping the cannabis industry.

I found this too which sounded promising:
hi guys,

im currently new to this stuff and i am very interested in growing my own cannabis here in the philippines. i appreciate the help and inputs you guys give. looking forward to grow soon. thanks.
We'd be happy to help and provide more information on an affordable and easy way to collect sensor data:
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