Industrial Hemp Domain Names (URLs) for sale.

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Greetings fellow Industrial Hemp (iHemp) enthusiasts.

I am entering the iHemp market this year and, like many of you, I have big plans. I have registered a lot of domain names for my ventures, but I have decided that I may have gotten too excited when selecting great domain names. This is fortunate for you guys, because I have decided to let some of them go, and I will be selling a few to the first people who give me a decent offer on them. If the offers end up being ridiculous, then I will keep them for myself and put them all to good use for my ventures.

Instead of me listing them all here, you can simply go to any of them and scroll down the the bottom of the page for the full list.

examples are..

I have one listed on eBay to give you an idea of what I am looking to get for these premium domain names, but please make an offer, because some of them are worth more to me than others. So, your favorite one may be more affordable than that eBay example listed here.

Sounds interesting can you share a list, I'm searching for a ".com"?
You can find a full list of the ones I have for sale by clicking on the links above and then scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Most of the dot coms are taken for the best names, and I like to focus on the other extensions, because com is overrated. If you plan on making clothing, then IMO a dot clothing domain would be better than dot com.

Dot com is the most popular, but only because it was the first, and many non-technical people used to type in the com for other extensions when the others first came out years ago. However, most people these days are experienced with navigating the web, so the dot com is not as important to have as it used to be in the past. (just my opinion but there it is)

I did register four (4) dot com domains, but I did not intend to sell them because three (3) of them are specific to my brands. However, I do have one (1) dot com domain that I would be willing to let go, but I am not sure if it would suit your needs, even though it is fairly short...

....I would be willing to let that go fairly cheap, so make an offer via email if you want it.

I am using the slogan .... "don't forget the 'i' to signify that it can't get you high" ... to distinguish the industrial hemp (below federal THC limits) from other hemp that may have higher THC content in states where recreational use has been legalized. I am certain that the iHemp abbreviation for Industrial Hemp is going to be popular as I have already seen its use in various news articles and University sponsored reports.

I also have ...

... if you have any plans on contributing to the solution to the petroleum based plastic pollution problem. (pages under construction)
As you can see, you can get a pair for the singular and plural versions for four (4) of those extensions. (the plural ONLINE was already taken)
I had not really planned on selling those bioplastic domains either, but I would be willing to let one (1) or two (2) pairs go, depending on the offer.
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