We buy Hemp Spent Waste Material from Extraction

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Attention Ethanol Extractor - Stop throwing out your spent waste material!

We are looking to purchase the spent waste material mainly from ethanol extraction that most labs throw out. Other extraction methods may work as well, details are below.

So the specifications of the spent material are the following.

1. We prefer that it be a coarse material similar to the picture I attached below. I have found that most Co2 producers are pulverizing the material into powder and we can’t utilize that material so we lean more towards ethanol extraction due to that the material is still intact and thicker.

2. We need all material to test below 0.3% THC. Most suppliers we have come into contact are getting out all THC but a few have had small amounts of THC and we can work with this.

3. Before any purchase, we must have a sample in hand so we can personally send for a COA to ensure the THC content is below 0.3%.

5. We will also need Department of Agriculture license as well.


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