Zeoform is a revolutionary reconstituted material that is making form sustainable for designers and manufacturers. Using a patented technology that converts cellulose fibres derived from ONLY waste paper & water into a dense wood-like substance, Zeo- form is an eco-friendly material with structural (compression & tensile) strength, flexible moulding capacity, natural beauty and virtually unlimited application to hundreds of industries. Zeoform not only ‘locks up’ carbon molecules from waste into functional forms, it is totally non-toxic and 100% compostable when disposed of. Zeoform replaces non-sustainable resources such as wood & wood composites, resins, plastics and fibreglass – which deplete, destabilise and poison the Earth’s environment, offering a competitive cost structure that’s profitable for manufacturers and affordable for consumers. Zeoform’s unique qualities offer new and exciting design opportunities that surpass the finest products available worldwide. Zeoform transforms raw pulp into highly desirable, high-value products for relatively low cost. The result is increased sales and greater profits while helping consumers ‘buy green’ and support the current global trend toward greater sustainability.



PO BOX 324, Mullumbimby NSW, 2482 Australia

612 6684 4553

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