Zentrela Inc.

Zentrela was founded by neuro-entrepreneur, Israel Gasperin, to apply advanced brain science and AI to the most urgent challenges of the modern world. Our vision is to become the most reliable and accurate source of cannabis effect information for Cannabis Users, Producers, Retailers, Health Professionals as well as Safety and Regulatory Organizations in charge of promoting responsible cannabis use. Our mission is to make sure that Cannabis Users have access to accurate and reliable cannabis effect data for informed decision making. Our proprietary neurotechnology, the COGNALYZER®, is the only objective scientifically-proven measure of cannabis effects. The COGNALYZER®, addresses the safety concerns arising from the new era of cannabis legalization, including THC detection for workplace safety and THC education for cannabis users.



CL1 – 231 Main St. West

Hamilton, ON L8P 1J4

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