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UCM’s founder, Michael Kerkorian, recognized that utility customers needed help in applying and understanding complex utility rates and regulations, and in pro-actively managing utility expenditures. Over the years, as utility regulations and available data have proliferated, the challenge of managing utility expenditures only has grown.

Today, most customers have some knowledge about how much energy they are using, or the rates they are paying. Many have completed isolated energy efficiency projects, such as lighting retrofits or equipment upgrades. But few customers, particularly those with dozens or hundreds of sites, have developed, much less implemented, an organization-wide plan to tackle utility issues and costs. There simply are too many options to evaluate, too much data to collect and analyze, and too much technical expertise to acquire.

This is the need that UCM fills. UCM has the knowledge and experience to cut through the noise and make sense of complex utility regulatory and management issues. With UCM handling these challenges, clients can focus their resources on core functions.

UCM has been privileged to serve a wide variety of government, business and institutional clients. While UCM’s practice has been focused on California customers and issues, the firm has successfully analyzed utility costs for client facilities in more than 40 states.

UCM also has been a dynamic force in addressing issues that affect large groups of utility customers. UCM’s work has brought about changes in utility company policies, revisions to tariffs, and action by regulators and legislators



Utility Cost Management, LLC
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