Space Tango

Space Tango provides improved access to microgravity through our Open Orbit platform for research and commercial manufacturing applications that benefit life on Earth. Our first operational TangoLab facility on the International Space Station was installed in 2016, and a second in 2017. Space Tango believes the microgravity environment is a new frontier for discovery and innovation. We are focused on creating a new global market 250 miles up in low Earth orbit and envision a future where the next important breakthroughs in both healthcare and technology will occur off the planet. Recognized for our expertise in microgravity design and operations, Space Tango believes that by exploring with industry and educational partners of all kinds, we can improve life on Earth and inspire the next generation to continue to expand the horizon of this new frontier.



330 E Short Street, Lexington, KY 40507, US

(650) 837-0332

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