Loanviser was formed to bridge the gap between the service providers operating within the cannabis industry and the cannabis companies that need their help. Since many service providers retain some level of anonymity, finding a range of options can be very problematic for your cannabis company.

At Loanviser, our only job is to connect you with the best service providers operating in the cannabis industry. Although our main service is debt financing for capital, equipment and real estate, we have a deep network of partners that can assist you with credit card processing, business insurance, HR and payroll and a whole lot more.

We make it our business to provide you with a superior level of service and care, along with the widest spectrum of service providers operating within the cannabis industry. Don't limit your options with one provider or tie up your valuable time researching options in the market place when you can have our team to the work for you.

Inquire once and get the best options delivered to your door. It's that easy, and it won't cost you a dime!

Loanviser Services:

- Debt Financing

- Credit & Debit Card Processing

- Banking Services

- Business Insurance

- Marketing, Branding & Packaging

- Cultivation Automation

- Cultivation Consulting

- Energy Consulting

- HR, Payroll & Employee Benefits

- & Much More!


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