KGK Science

KGK Science integrates scientific, clinical research, commercial, and regulatory expertise to deliver well designed solutions for propelling health and wellness products to market.

For nearly two decades, as  a leading contract research organization specializing in human clinical trials for the health and nutrition industry,  KGK has applied the highest quality standards to study and support the claims substantiation of dietary supplements and a variety of natural OTC products, functional foods & beverages, bio actives, cosmetics, and other wellness products.

The KGK Science mission is built on a foundation of scientific excellence and we are committed to performing a positive, pioneering role in the future of integrative healthcare with integrity.



Suite 1440, One London Place,
255 Queens Avenue,
London, ON,
N6A 5R8


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Tiffaney Schippert Conner   |   May 01, 2019

Clinical Research Underway on Cannabis Edibles in Canada


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