A complete garden tracking application. It allows growers to maximize their yeilds and stay in contact with others growers around the world. GrowBuddy is the most valuable tool in a growers garden. It allows growers to track every aspect of their garden which means bigger yields and better tasting buds. Users will be able to manage the necessities including nutrients, custom made nutrient schedules, grow mediums, and strains. From there users are able to track their plants from clone through curing while keeping track of all their feeding, notes, tasks, and photos with just a few clicks. After a plant is completely finished GrowBuddy will take all the information entered and create a day by day grow journal that the user can easily review allowing them to continuously tweak and improve their skills with each grow to maximize the results and minimize the failures. Growbuddy stands apart from other grow tracking software because it allows users to connect and communicate with each other like never before. Users can share their garden content and open case files to get specific solutions to their garden problems. This will create a global network of growers that are able quickly and privately communicate and help each other.


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