We are developing the world’s first truly non-destructive and non-invasive analytical device for the precise verification of the potency of cannabis flowers. It is suitable for growers, processors, distributors, and dispensaries along the value chain. With our eco-friendly device, no solvents or grinding is required since there is no need for sample preparation ahead of testing, flowers remain intact and undamaged after analysis, it is easy-to-use and delivers quick results for real-time decision-making. Our proprietary technology combines advanced optics and imaging analysis to overcome the challenges of the heterogeneous cannabis flower. It comes with an integrated cloud database, also to be available with sorting and labeling functionality, traceable packaging, mobile apps, and more. Users of our technology can benefit from higher levels of quality assurance, operational efficiency, and customer loyalty for overall improved positive commercial performance.



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Kristina Etter   |   June 29, 2018

Portable Analyzers for Better Quality Assurance


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