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At Freight Farms, we believe that healthy food is a right, not a luxury. For this reason, we are dedicated to making fresh food accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time with a complete platform of products and services – the Greenery, farmhand®, and Client Services - to empower our global community of partners. With this global infrastructure, we aim to revolutionize local access to food for a more sustainable future–not just in terms of the environment, but by also making communities more resilient and secure. Together with our team and network of farmers we hope to build a future-facing and inclusive world.

Today, we have Freight Farmers around the world: snowy Canadian wildernesses, Middle Eastern deserts, concrete urban jungles, and everything in between. While our Freight Farmers have different backgrounds, they all want to shorten the distance that food travels from farm to table. Our farmers rely on container farms as a source of high-quality and sustainable produce, 365 days a year.  


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