Eyeconic.TV launched as a "project” in 2008 from a basement. In 2010, the business was officially founded by CEO, Jeremy Jacobs. As of today, Eyeconic.TV is a world leader in point of sale influence providing the only individualized fully managed digital engagement network. Employees and authorized dealers are positioned across the United States. Twelve full time executive employees operate the corporate office located in Bowling Green, KY. Eyeconic.TV provides customized digital channels that engage the customer with entertainment & education, inspire interaction, influence buying decisions, guide perception, generate additional revenue and encourage loyalty & referrals while building trust and elevating the experience. Their team is comprised of cutting edge industry experts who are the authority on real time trends and know the language customers speak. They understand what drives them to make a purchase, tell their friends and return to a business over and over. The professional design team creates amazing personalized content and consistent branding that captivates attention and activates the customer. Expanding social media leverage and maintaining valuable constant contact with customers has never been easier than it is now thanks to a massive digital engagement network. Eyeconic.TV produces a variety of high end digital media, signs, menus, directories and kiosks for companies large and small across the globe. Systems are flawlessly executed, remotely monitored, turn-key solutions…which means there is nothing to learn and no one to hire. It’s easy and affordable for a business owner to maximize the power of their existing products and services with custom tailored hardware & software solutions.


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