Currently available for both all smart devices, DRUID is an application that has been designed to measure cognitive and behavior impairment following ingestion of drugs such as alcohol or marijuana.  DRUID includes four Tasks to measure performance.  The tasks are based on research on driving impairment and take about 5 minutes to complete.  Assessing which psychomotor tasks are most effective in screening for driving impairment, calibrated with consumption of alcohol, Jongen et al. (2014) found the largest effect sizes with eyes-open balance, reaction time with divided attention, and the psychomotor vigilance task.  Moskowitz (1985) found impaired hand-eye coordination (HEC) following marijuana consumption, and HEC has been used successfully to differentiate safe and unsafe older drivers (Bieri et al. 2014).  Based on this research foundation, DRUID incorporates tasks that measure reaction time, decision making, Divided Attention Tasks (DATs), hand-eye coordination, and balance. 



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