AXIM Biotech   |   May. 18th, 2020

AXIM® Biotechnologies Files for Patent for Unique Biomarker for Early Detection of Cancer in Blood

AXIM® Biotechnologies announced that its oncology-focused subsidiary, Sapphire Biotech, Inc., has filed a utility patent application relating to a novel biomarker for the detection of cancer in blood serum and urine. The patent application is based on Sapphire’s discovery of the long splice variant of the enzyme, quiescin sulfhydryl oxidase (QSOX1-L), as a biomarker in bladder cancer patients’ sera that was highly specific for the presence of cancer and was low or non-existent in normal donors’ sera. This is the first time that a clinically relevant QSOX1-L splice variant has been identified as a unique biomarker of bladder cancer and other cancers in serum.

Press Release from AXIM Biotech (PDF)