Aurora Cannabis, Inc

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a world-renowned integrated cannabis company with an industry-leading reputation for continuously elevating and setting the global cannabis industry standard.



P.O. Box 209
Cremona, AB. T0M0R0


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1 Question

  • Peter N IBANEZ 2020-06-11
    I filed a complaint with U.S. FINRA (US stocks regulator) regarding your recent 12-1 reverse split. I originally named my brokers Robinhood and E*TRADE in the complaint. First addressed to Bryan of Robinhood Brokerage: Hello Bryan, as you probably know I have made a complaint to FINRA. We seem to agree on the Primary principle of stock splits and that is: The dollar value of the stock or option share DO Not change , but the number of shares ARE CHANGED. We seem to agree on the After-Split formula but in reality this is NOT what happened with the ACB1 call options. 1. First off ACB1 seem to have been SEPARATED into a different options market, in Robinhood a. One market shows ACB1 strike price $1 January 15,2021 , trading at .15 per share b. A second market, same ACB strike price $1 January 15, 2021, trading at about $9.50 as of end of market May 15, 2020. AT END of market May 18, 2020 , this same second market ACB call option trading at $16.03 while the original ACB call option trading at .43cents . 2. Now you tell me Bryan if the owners of the original ACB call options have been CHEATED OR NOT. The intrinsic values of the call options at the instant the Split happened were not preserved and THEREFORE VIOLATED. Please Respond. Peter (Pedro) N. Ibanez, [email protected] I am informing you of this problem before I name you in my FINRA Complaint. You owe me about $4825.00 US dollars. After the split I ended up with 218 shares with Robinhood and 83 with E*TRADE. 301 X $16.03 = $4825.00 Get Outlook for iOS