Legalized recreational Cannabis is becoming more common across the United States, which has realized an influx of a new type of tenant and purchaser into retail, industrial, and land space. Cannabis cultivators have absorbed warehouse and land space, and dispensaries have occupied underutilized Class B & C space for retail purposes. Unique challenges to commercial real estate professionals and cannabis entrepreneurs have taken shape, partially because the cannabis industry is in its infancy and lacks federal support. One of the many challenges that professionals in the cannabis industry are facing is the ability to locate and procure the facilities and financing that are necessary to operate or grow their enterprise. 420 Property aims to eliminate these challenges by serving as the most comprehensive commercial cannabis real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration, and knowledge around their business, and connecting them with the specialized local professionals who can help them grow. (pun intended.) Search for real estate or business listings, list availabilities, locate financing, and find "420 Friendly"​ professionals with 420 Property.



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