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Software with Service: Mobile Cannabis Training Platform

Leave classroom-style education in the past; Learner Mobile brings on-demand, accessible training to your employees – wherever they are.
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The cannabis market became the number one job creator in the USA within less than three years. With the current COVID-19 crisis, it may be the right time to explore new areas of growth, learning, and training within the cannabis business. In the $9.5 billion, fast-growing legal marijuana market, considered essential during a pandemic, employees must still obtain the necessary education to do their jobs.

Unfortunately, the consistency of training varies wildly from business to business, and in many cases, required employees to be gathered to receive the same information. Learner Mobile wants to change this by supplying mobile, remote training opportunities adapted to fit the cannabis industry.

Mobile Learning as a Trend

Learning remotely, from a mobile phone or tablet, has also turned to be the latest training trends. As remote working reached new heights, so has remote learning, and precisely mobile learning (m-learning). With the help of mobile devices, users can now access learning content through their smartphones or tablets.

There are multiple advantages to mobile learning over classroom learning:

  • Cost-saving: it is easy and cheap to access great content on mobile over attending a classroom training
  • Accessible: there is no need to commute as all information is available at your fingertips at any time, anywhere
  • High ROI: as you save time and money, you invest in your learning faster and can focus on building your skills

That is precisely what Mike Thompson had in mind when launching a versatile content platform for mobile learning, Learner Mobile in Texas, in 2012.

“We built Learner Mobile for today’s workers, whose learning and training needs never stop,” says Thompson, CEO and Founder.

“We tried out best to drive engagement. We are a cost-leader. You must be good, be fast, and be cheap. And we are the three,” Thompson adds.

Learner Mobile: A Platform Dedicated to Cannabis Training

Learner Mobile provides the cannabis industry with the most versatile, affordable learning and training solution for employees and contractors remotely. Created in 2012 in Texas, LM is a learning platform and employee performance support and enhancement tool that is differentiable from other LMS. The platform has high-profile clients within the healthcare, beauty, and sports industry, worldwide. Learner Mobile currently builds and deploys hemp/CBD/cannabis training to CBD Daily, Kiehl’s, Kanna, Nature’s Hemp Spa, Green Helix, Keracell, and Wildflowers.

The resources are available at a significantly lower price-point than competing platforms. Learner Mobile delivers ongoing learning with instant access to the most up-to-date information. As such, users receive detailed, succinct pieces of information in their feeds that match their needs. With a focus on easy content and course creation, Learner Mobile is the most accessible mobile learning app today on the market.

It is highly beneficial for the cannabis business, where employees work from around the globe. Whenever someone wishes to access some training, they can easily find highly digestible pieces of content in various forms (how-to-videos, compliance documents, or articles) tailored to what they look for.

"Access to educational and training resources in the cannabis industry is very fragmented, opaque and mostly unavailable to people looking to get into the industry for the first time. We're really excited to partner with Learner Mobile because they share the same conviction in our mission to democratize access to employment and education in the cannabis space,” said Farhaj Mayan, CEO of Kanna, a Dallas-based company that provides licensed cannabis farms and dispensaries with a single system to hire, train and manage their workforce. “Our workers will now get to upskill themselves at no cost through self-serve education and certification programs on the LMS, while getting real time compensated work experience in the industry. In the long term, this allows our workers to graduate from gig jobs like trimming and budtending to transition into part time and full time roles in cultivation, processing, retail and beyond. The job creation potential is incredible."

“Our approach is to focus on informally delivering the ideal content at the exact moment of need. By using technologies that employees are already adept at using, we significantly reduce the cost to companies in delivering that learning. In a world measured in seconds, access to information right now is the competitive differentiator. We deliver knowledge (and therefore, value) fast,” adds Thompson.

What’s Next?

So how do companies start training their staff with Learner Mobile?

“We have 50,000 users on the platform. It is up and running. We sell to companies: their workforce will be able to log in to the system. It is configurable for all organization systems. What we like about that is that we can track all the training taken by the users,” mentions Thompson.

Plus, the data will help the organization to improve its training systems. From an educational standout, the data-rich platform truly gives Learner Mobile a competitive edge. All companies can create their content, articulate their favorite pieces to educate users, and keep the cost down.

For cannabis-businesses who need to train their employees with a customizable, affordable program that is data-enriched, that is a real win. “We are committed to filling the education gap in the cannabis industry, and we are excited to collaborate with partners in this space,” concludes Thompson.

“Learner Mobile is a best-in-class learning management system used by many of the world’s most admired companies,” said Tom Brooksher, CEO of Cannabis Industry Institute (CII), an organization that brings sales, store management, growing and processing, and laws and regulations training to the industry. “Our partnership with Learner Mobile allows us to deploy our large library of content on their mobile platform – getting training out to more companies and their workers, faster – so that everyone performs their best. The partnership between the Cannabis Industry Institute and Learner Mobile helps us to rapidly meet the immediate and long-term education needs of every organization in this space.”

The cannabis industry — from dispensaries to online shopping platforms — can benefit from mobile learning platforms that provide on-demand, affordable training to educate its users. It’s the best time today with the current climate for all cannabis businesses to push training ahead and educate their employees with Learner Mobile.


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