Kristina Etter   |   January 18, 2023

Pre Roll Machines: Meeting Consumer Demand Means Mastering Mass Production

Pre roll machines power mass production to help cannabis producers meet increased market demand.
Kristina Etter spent 20 years in corporate IT with a niche in mobile technology and IoT in agriculture. Today, she combines her love of technology with a passion for cannabis as the Editorial Director for Cannabis Tech.

Pre-rolls (aka joints, cones, spliffs, blunts – and a myriad of other slang words for marijuana cigarettes) have been a part of the cannabis culture long before the legalization movement. However, with the advent of the legal industry, pre-rolls have taken on a category all their own.

MJBiz reported on recent data from Headset that shows pre-rolls are seeing a surge in the US consumer market. Since 2018, the pre-roll market has grown from 7.9% to 12.7%, with the biggest increases happening since the COVID-19 outbreak. In 2022, across ten states, the market reported $1.5 billion in total pre-roll sales, with infused pre-rolls accounting for 42% of total sales.

Likewise, Canada has seen similar increases. According to data, Canadian buyers were less interested in infused pre-rolls and more likely to purchase multi-packs in early 2022. But, more recent statistics show that infused pre-rolls are swiftly gaining market share with a $10m sales increase in just a six-month window. In fact, monthly infused pre-roll sales rose over 1000% in just a year, according to Headset data out of Canada.

Keeping up with that kind of commercial demand requires automation. Without technology, producing thousands of pre-rolls daily would take a small army of labor.

Pre roll machines help producers meet market demands and expand their product line.

Tamped or Twisted? Cannabis Pre-Rolls Have Evolved

One of the factors driving the increase in sales lies in the evolution of the pre-roll as a commercial product. Let’s face it, novelty is a big portion of many cannabis products and today’s commercial pre-rolls aren’t your uncle’s hand-rolled spliffs from the early 80s.

In the legal market, pre-rolls are packed, then tamped or twisted closed. They are not rolled and do not require saliva to seal them or a room full of laborers to make them. Thanks to innovation and a little creativity, pre-rolled cannabis cones come in a variety of formats, sizes, shapes, and colors to appeal to a broader range of consumers.

Cannabis buyers can choose between shorties or dogwalkers (.5g joints) up to king-sized 1.5g cones and blunts, or even massive super cones or 3.5g cannagars. Consumers can buy pre rolls infused with cannabis concentrates or pre rolled blunts with terpene-infused wraps for flavor enhancement. Many consumers, tired of the plastic waste caused by doob tubes, are buying more multi-packs of cannabis pre-rolls, too.

But, as the products evolved, so did the consumer market, and keeping up with demand means increasing production efficiency through automation.

Pre Roll Machines Supply Increased Market Demand

Creating a $1.5 billion market out of a $10 product requires mass production, and post-industrial revolution, that rarely means hiring more people. Automation technology has fueled American capitalism since the 1930s.

So, while you may envision large rooms of workers packing cones at a folding table, like a scene from a 1920s factory, few cannabis companies still hand-pack their pre-rolls. Rather, cannabis producers are turning to industrial solutions.

Pre Roll Machines for Commercial Production

Several equipment producers use ingenuity and engineering to provide pre roll packing solutions for commercial cannabis producers. These pre roll machines clearly illustrate the benefit of automation.

GreenBroz – The Holy Roller: According to their website, this machine can pack up to 3000 one-gram joints per hour. Additionally, it actively weighs cones as they fill to prevent discrepancies.

Hefestus – The Aura 2000: Cannabis Tech covered this machine in previous content. Using a minimal footprint, the Aura 2000 produces up to 1,400 pre-rolls per hour and uses a proprietary design to fill the cone and tamp it closed.

Advanced Integrated RoboticsSTM Canna RocketBox 2.0: A revised design, the 2.0 claims to be twice as fast as the original and up to seven times faster than other machines.

Rolling Solutions USARS2000: Made in the USA, this machine produces up to 1,800 pre rolls per hour with adjustable weight and compaction settings.

Thousand Per HourTPH-512: A more traditional, shake-loading format. This machine offers the first step to mass production.

Used Pre Roll Machines

As companies ebb and flow with the market, some will go out of business; others will expand and upgrade. Looking for used equipment from these scenarios can help businesses reduce overhead costs while allowing for an affordable boost in production.

This JuanaRoll Pre Roll Machine by Canadian manufacturer, Weighpack is one such find. Listed by 420 Firesale at 50% of the original selling price, this equipment was only used for a short time and is in pristine condition.

The JuanaRoll automatically weighs, fills, twists, and dispenses up to 1,200 joints per hour and comes with all the accessories you need to get production up and running:

Package Includes:

  • One (1) 4-Channel JuanaRoll Machine.
  • One (1) Cleaning Cart.
  • One (1) Utility Cart.
  • One (1) Charge Parts Storage Cabinet.
  • One (1) Spare parts kit for JuanaRoll.
  • One (1) Ingersoll Rand RS15i-TAS 20HP Aire Compressor.
  • All other necessary accessories for operation.

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