Kristina Etter   |   March 11, 2018

Nano-Technology Brings Precision to Cannabis

With unlimited potential in the emerging cannabis industry, many companies outside the industry are starting to take notice and make a huge impact on product innovation. NanoSphere Health Sciences is one such company.
Kristina Etter spent 20 years in corporate IT with a niche in mobile technology and IoT in agriculture. Today, she combines her love of technology with a passion for cannabis as the Editorial Director for Cannabis Tech.

CannabisTech had the opportunity to speak with David Sutton, the President and Chief Operating Officer of NanoSphere Health Sciences about their new product Evolve Nanoserum and the technology which made it possible.


Born from Nutraceuticals

David Sutton and his father, Robert set out on a mission five years ago to increase the bioavailability of plant-based phytochemicals which are typically difficult for the body to digest and absorb into the circulatory system. After spending a couple of years in research and development, with the help of Dr. Richard Kaufman, Chief Science Officer, they were able to engineer a method of encapsulating vitamins, minerals, super-nutrients and nutraceuticals as nano-sized lipid spheres, which could transport necessary nutrients into the bloodstream and cells quickly and efficiently.

Sutton recalls one patient they worked with who had an illness which caused her to be unable to absorb certain nutrients she needed to survive. “Using our lipid encapsulation technology, she was able to get the nutrients she needed,” he stated.

Image is courtesy of NanoSphere Health Sciences

Their patent-pending NanoSphere Delivery System helps increase bioavailability of hard-to-absorb nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, botanical extracts and phytochemicals. In addition, through their Evolve transdermal gel application, patients can expect up to six times more bioavailability than traditional methods and it requires no swallowing of capsules, no tinctures to hold in the mouth, not even the need to swallow a drink of water.

Sutton and his team started to realize there was potential in other industries, like pharmaceuticals… and cannabis.


Graduated to Cannabis

“About two years ago, we started looking at the cannabis industry,” Sutton said. Identifying several key issues with cannabis products, NanoSphere Health Systems set out to resolve them all.

  • Lack of a standardized dosage – maintaining consistency in dosing can be difficult with cannabis products. Products can be improperly dosed, or the consumption method can make it difficult to get the exact same dose every time.
  • Delay and variability in onset – Edibles can take upwards of 30-90 minutes to onset. Tinctures must be held in the mouth for a period of time and can take several minutes to take effect.
  • Lung damage from inhalation – years of experience with tobacco products have taught us inhalation of any burning material can be detrimental to the lungs. While many vape products can contain chemical additives which can cause damage and disease.

Through transdermal application, as well as, oral and nasal sprays, NanoSphere Health Systems has resolved all of these common problems with cannabis dosing.


Evolve Nanoserum

A flagship product for NanoSphere Health Systems, Evolve Nanoserum is a precise formulation of cannabinoids and natural terpenes designed to be most effective for pain and anxiety relief, both short-term and over time. With a ratio of 5 to 1 to 1 of THC, THCA, and CBD, as well as other natural terpenes, this particular combination was found through extensive testing of multiple formulas. In fact, Sutton mentioned their testing included human blood studies to prove the increased absorption cannabinoids.

“We know exactly how much is being delivered,” Sutton said in regard to their gel pen delivery system. Each pump contains exactly 5mg of THC, and the USA-made gel pen is highly precise with no variability. The exact same number of cannabinoids are delivered with each pump.



The Future of Nano-Science & Cannabis

Already, Sutton and the experts at NanoSphere are developing new products including a line of CBD-dominant formulations and soon expect to have a 10:1 CBD to THC product to address general inflammation ailments, as well as, overall health. Sutton also expressed a desire to eventually have a CBN dominant product to aid in sleep disorders.

Internasal application is also on the horizon for NanoSphere not only for medical application, but recreational as well. Sutton said they were looking for a product which truly “impressed the budtenders” of the industry by producing a strong effect with a minimal dose. While other nasal sprays currently exist on the market, Sutton said their product is unique in the fact their application is custom designed to specifically hit the olfactory nerve and quickly deliver the cannabinoids past the blood-brain barrier.

“With as little as a 10mg dose, the budtenders who tested our product said they felt like it was the first time they consumed cannabis,” Sutton said.

We look forward to watching NanoSphere Health Systems and the products they release in the future. To learn more about NanoSphere and their lipid-encapsulation of cannabinoids visit their website at, or to learn more about their product, Evolve, you can visit,


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