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How to Keep Cannabis Old School with New Tech

You cannot avoid cannabis technology. Whether they prefer it or not, growers must adapt to the modern era to remain competitive in today's marketplaces. That's not a novel idea, but it may surprise some legacy cannabis farmers and users. But with their old-school mentality, how is it even possible? We have got you covered!
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The use of cannabis technology has changed over the years as new cultivation methods have enabled faster growth and more effective cannabis delivery. As more advanced processing technology enters the cannabis industry, more concentrated extracts are coming out for users to enjoy.

With so much at stake, it's imperative that farmers not only use the best tools available but also keep learning and an eye on the future of agriculture technology. But also, one must not overlook the timeless value of conventional wisdom when cultivating cannabis.

This article will review the cutting-edge cannabis technology expected to hit the market in 2023. We will discuss how technology can enhance the flavor, experience, and potency of cannabis use.

The following paragraphs will shed some of how cannabis technology can work parallel to old-school cannabis concepts in both consumer and commercial environments.

Must-Try Cannabis Tech in 2023

Let's take a look at six types of modern technology that farmers and users often underestimate in terms of cannabis tech:

1.   Fire-Starting Cannabis Lasers

Once only a joke on the internet, laser bongs are finally here!

Lighting your pot on fire with a laser may sound like a gimmick, but there are practical advantages to considering this option. For starters, it's pretty neat!

It's understandable why someone might want to aim a laser at their cannabis, creating a clean bong hit. To top it all off, you can light your joint without a butane lighter. The flavor of cannabis is altered when lit with a butane lighter, and butane isn't the healthiest to inhale, even in moderate doses.

While you could put those additional (hundred) dollars toward something more useful, we get that you want to impress your friends with your space laser.=

2.   E-Rigs - The Ultimate Way to Consume Concentrates of Cannabis

With the advent of cutting-edge equipment, processes, and practices for cultivating, extracting, and consuming cannabis, the cannabis industry has fully entered the modern era.

Concentrates, a category that includes anything from brick hash to modern scientific extractions aimed at producing the purest and most potent cannabis products. They are no doubt a hot seller.

Since the advent of cutting-edge methods for cannabis extraction, customers have also developed cutting-edge methods for inhaling the resulting concentrates, which arrive at their doorsteps at the best time.

The reliable cannabis delivery services and modern methods of cannabis extraction have given rise to a technologically advanced manner to do so. But with an old-school mentality intact!

Due to their rising popularity and vastly improved design and performance, electronic rigs (or "E-Rigs") are quickly replacing water pipes as the preferred way of dabbing.

3.   Cannabis Inhalers - Healthier Option

In recent years, cannabis inhalers have become a popular accessory for people who use medical marijuana. They function similarly to asthma inhalers, delivering cannabinoids straight to the lungs' alveoli.

This is a convenient alternative to smoking cannabis flowers for patients concerned about their health, as it allows for rapid drug administration without the potential risks.

These cannabis inhalers are currently flooding the market, and some even have features like hit counters and dosing indicators for keen cannabis users.

4.   The Boost of CO2 for Better Yield

Many farmers don't use CO2 enrichment, even though it can greatly increase crop yields and speed up flowering. This appears to boil down to misunderstandings for many farmers.

Those not interested in adding a supplement typically believe that their current ventilation system is adequate and that any additional measures would be a waste of money. You can still work with an old-school ventilation system, but a bit of technology never hurts!

While these arguments make sense on the surface, CO2 systems can be easily incorporated into ventilation controls. Farmers can increase CO2 levels by doing so without completely shutting out the outside air.

Growers should get as much information as possible about the potential dangers of using CO2 equipment before installing and using it. The enrichment instruments often use propane, natural gas, or tanks containing liquid CO2.

5.   Controllable LED Lighting for Better Cannabis Growth

Though LEDs have been around for a while, modern LED lighting has significantly improved. The modern cannabis trend for farmers is programmable LED fixtures.

LED lamps that can be programmed to change their intensity and color temperature are being adopted by some of the most successful cannabis growers in the United States.

Some lighting fixtures even incorporate light-sensing technology into their design, which works to sync light output with existing environmental factors to keep precise target temperatures and intensities.

Growers that use programmable lighting can tailor their setups to the specific needs of their cannabis plants. They are also able to simulate the day's beginning and end.

These fittings have allowed farmers to:

  • Increase terpene levels
  • Control of far-red push in the plant's last weeks of growth
  • Shorten the flowering time, allowing for more harvests annually

Many modern programmable LED lighting systems have a microprocessor, Wi-Fi connectivity,  and an open application programming interface (API), allowing simple integration into any system.

6.   Input Controls for Better Output

Growers are upgrading from control settings based on timers and thermostats to fully autonomous control systems based on input-based or data-driven systems. It works by communicating with the outside world. Also, making instantaneous equipment adjustments ensures that the crops are never exposed to adverse conditions.

As a result of using input-based controls, producers can tailor their indoor or greenhouse environments to fit their exact specifications. The systems are highly adaptable, allowing them to be used in conjunction with virtually any greenhouse or old-school grow room layout.

This cannabis technology allows the greenhouse to be divided into several zones and modules, and they are compatible with nearly all greenhouse equipment and technology.

By utilizing many control settings, operations can ensure that crops are consistently grown in optimal conditions, regardless of when they are at their earliest, middle, or late stages.

Final Thoughts

There are a plethora of additional ways in which growers, as well as users, might benefit from incorporating cutting-edge cannabis technology. But these six are a solid foundation.

Moving forward, cannabis farmers need to be abreast of technical developments so they don't fall behind the competition. Also, for the users, when you enjoy the best cannabis delivery service and incorporate modern technology to consume it, the experience takes you out of this world!



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